2013 Painting & Project Log

In a vain attempt at tracking my efforts over the next 12 months, I thought it was high time I recorded my activity over the next year, I am the first to admit I can be easily distracted but I would like to get at least one project to a full gaming conclusion. I do prefer to game rather than paint but looking back over 2012 I seem to have painted more than wargamed.
Assuming nothing shiny comes over the horizon these are the plans for 2013.
Russo Japanese War - 28mm
I spotted these in November last year, excellent designs by Paul Hicks and produced by Tsuba Miniatures, the range is growing and for once I am in at the basement level, where my speed of painting matches the releases, plenty of scope for Trench Warfare, Sieges and open battles.
Initially 4 sections aside but plenty of scope for Cavalry, sailors and trains.
This is the major project for 2013.

Elizabethan Irish Wars 28mm
With the Irish largely complete last year due mainly through the cross over with SAGA, the English are in need of reinforcements, at least 3 pike blocks are needed plus Cavalary and Calivers.

Boxer Rebellion 15mm
After 10 years I have finally settled on a rule set that works for the period both big and small battles, Mud & Blood from the two fat lardies, fits perfectly for this, with a few tweaks to the cards for the separate nationalities, the figure collection needs a revamp, the paint job is over 10 years old, completed before I had changed my painting style to include inking and shade tones, they are also coated with a gloss varnish which makes them rather to shiny.
Basing them on 1p's was fine when you had 30 figures, but at over 300 hundred it's not the best gaming experience, so they are in need of rebasing.
There is also the small task of another 4 bags from old Glory to finish off.

ACW Casualties & Artillery
Thanks to Sidney Roundwood's blog and posting on casaulty stands for Mud & Blood, I have embarked on creating stands to hold the shock markers for most armies, my Confederates never seem to win, some casualty markers are bound to come in handy.
An artillery piece might help even up the sides...

Napoleon in Egypt
The Egyptians/Ottoman's are in a reasonable state with cavalry and Infantry for both however they could do with some artillery to support them, the French are nowhere near being ready to face up against them, I brought a box of Victrix plastic infantry from Victrix, nice figures but I am losing bayonets already, I just can't see them being a long term investment so the plan is to switch to Brigades Miniatures metal offering.

Starship Troopers 28mm
Under coated and based but they have not left the draw for 18 months, a nice figure range produced by 1st corp, they might only take a couple of days due to the colours required, I just need that spark to get them done.

Not sure how much of the above I will get through now I have put it print, but let's see what 2013 brings....


JanuaryRepaints - Boxer Rebellion 15mm.
16 Royal Marines, 16 British Infantry, 16 French Marines, 10 Italian Sailors, 12 Bengal Lancers, 40 Boxer Infantry, 10 Chinese Imperial Infantry Skirmishers, 16 Westernised Infantry, 10 Westernised Infantry, 32 Imperial Chinese Militia, 16 Kansu Braves, 2 Boxer small hand cannons, 4 pack mules, 3 Wagons plus Horses, 3 Chinese Officers Mounted, Allied encampment.
New - Boxer Rebellion 15mm
12 Casualty Bases.
14 Movement Trays from Warbases.
New - Elizabethan Plantation Wars 28mm
10 Wargames Foundry Calivers and Musketeers.
New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
1 Japanese Casualty Base.

FebruaryNew - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
2 Japanese Casualty Bases, 26 Japanese Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures.
New - Boxer Rebellion 15mm
6 Movement Trays from Warbases.
New - Planet of the Apes 28mm
5 Ape Infantry - Crooked Dice Miniatures.
Repaints - Boxer Rebellion 15mm.
21 Boxer Infantry.
MarchNew - Boxer Rebellion 15mm
10 Movement Trays from Warbases.
10 Artillery Movement Trays from Warbases. 
New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
10 Movement Trays from Warbases.
14 Russian Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures, 5 Officers HMG Team.
1 Cossack Wagon
1 Russian Casualty Base.
10 Chinese Imperial Infantry, Redoubt Enterprises.
1 Rickshaw
1 Japanese HMG Team.
New - Egyptian Terrain 28mm
2 Compounds with Wheat Fields.
Repaints - Boxer Rebellion 15mm.
56 Boxer Infantry, 2 Boxer Mounted Officers, 16 Chinese Imperial Artillerymen, 2 Boxer Artillery Pieces, 4 Chinese Artillery Pieces.
Repaints - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
6 Barb Wire Entanglements.


New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
22 Russian Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures.
4 Russian Casualty Bases.

New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
Chinese Compound.
11 Japanese Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures.
1 Japanese Casualty Base.
10 Russian Infantry, Copplestone Castings
10 Chinese Bandits, Copplestone Castings
Repaints - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
4 Barb Wire Entanglements. 


New - French in Egypt 28mm
8 Ottoman Cavalry, Black Tree Miniatures.
7 Arab Civilians, Mega Mini's.
2 French Naval Officers, Brigade Miniatures
8 French Seamen, Brigade Miniatures
4 French Savants/Scientists, Brigade Miniatures
1 French Casualty Base. 
New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
3 Russian Casualty Bases. 
3 Generic Casualty Bases, 2 Low Ammunition Supply Bases.
Repaints - Boxer Rebellion 15mm.
16 French Sailors, 12 Russian Sailors, 9 Civilians, 16 US Marines

JulyNew - French in Egypt 28mm
12 Movement Trays
14 French Infantry, Brigade Miniatures
8 Ottoman Artillery Crew, Old Glory
3 Market Stalls

New - French in Egypt 28mm
2 Artillery Pieces.

New - Chain of Command 15mm
16 Infantry - NCO's & Officers.
New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
4 Generic Casualty Base, 4 Low Ammunition Supply Bases.
Repaints - Chain of Command 15mm
73 Late War German Infantry.
2 PAK 70 AT Guns plus 10 crew.
2 MG42 plus 6 Crew.

New - All Quiet on the Martian Front
18 Infantry - Naval Brigade
2 Gatling Guns - Naval Brigade Crew
12 Cavalry - Home Service.
New - Chain of Command 15mm
2 German Shock Markers.
8 Jump off points.
New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
9 Japanese Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures.
1 Japanese Officer, Redoubt Enterprises
1 Japanese 75mm Artillery Piece & 3 Crew
10 Russian Infantry, Tsuba Miniatures.
New - French in Egypt 28mm
25 Ottoman Infantry, Old Glory

 New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm
9 Russian Cossack Cavalry, Brigade Miniatures.
11 Russian Sailors, Brigade Miniatures.

New - Russo - Japanese War 28mm

11 Russian Sailors, Brigade Miniatures.
11 Russian Infantry, Musketeer Miniatures.

Painted Total 2013

New Paints
290 Foot Figures, 29 Mounted Figures, 2 Gatling Guns, 1 Rickshaw, 1 Wagon, 31 Casualty Markers, 7 Low Ammo Bases, 8 Jump off points, 52 Movement Trays, 10 Artillery Movement Trays. 3 Artillery Pieces.
7 Terrain Pieces.
418 Foot Figures, 17 Mounted Figures, 4 Artillery Pieces, 2 AT Guns, 2 HMG's
10 Terrain Pieces.

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