Sunday, December 04, 2016

Wyvern Wargamers - Winter All Dayer 2016 Part 2 - The Battle of the iNyezane River.

It's been quite a while since the last big Zulu outing at least 5 years - So what better excuse for the Wyvern's to get the old gang back together.

Last Sunday saw a larger encounter using "Men Who Would be Kings" adventuring in Zululand with the lead elements of Col. Pearson's Right Flank Column crossing the iNyezane drift into Zululand.

5 British players all looking to make a name for themselves, so whilst they all fought to defeat the Zulu they would be awarded points for various acts of valour.

1 Pt for Each undestroyed Wagon on the North side
1 Pt for Each Destroyed or routed Zulu Unit
-1 for each unit lost.
4 Pts for setting the Kraal on fire.

The game starts with a company of engineers at the drift with detachments from the NNC helping to transport the wagons across.

On the British right the Zulu appear rushing to fill a rocky enclave with Riflemens. As more warriors fill the pass, the frontier horse press forward to slow the Zulu advance.

Meanwhile the Kraal is a hive of activity as warriors rush out looking to halt the British crossing, with over 30 Zulu units on the table it would be a hot day in the field for the Brits.

11.00am and the Zulu have amassed quite a force, a lucky dice roll by the Zulu commander see's the Zulu able to field 10 units in one go, they fill the plain in front of the Kraal and head out to meet the colonial invaders.

The Engineers had done a stirling job and had been able to push all the wagons over the iNyezane River, perhaps to well as the Buffs and the supporting sailors were rather thinly spread. Seeing an opening the Zulu's pour down the hillside.

The British scramble to form a firing line as the Zulu close in, Sailors, Redcoats and NNC stand ready to recieve the charge.

Battle is joined, wave after wave of Zulu's crash into the British line, a number of sections are forced to fall back, but close order drill and crashing volley's destroy a number of native units and pin several others. The Zulu's fall back or are shot down where they stand.

The forces of the Crown re-group a number of their units are at less than half strength but they had beaten back the inital Zulu assault. They now press forward clearing the remaining natives to their front. 

However this initial assault has allowed the Zulu commander to draw up sufficent forces to begin a second push on the British line.

Married and Unmarried warriors start down the hillside towards the invaders.

Two companies of the 2/3rd The Buffs have made there way up the steep incline, only to be set upon by the second wave of Zulu's they are badly mauled and the Colonel's Nephew is killed in action.
The British fall back under pressure from the charging Zulu warriors.

The British are won't be caught a second time, a strong firing line is formed including 7lbs Artillery  and a Gatling Gun, the Zulu's still had a third of their army in the field but had no wish to attempt another assault on the British. Pearson had been bloodied but lacked the strength to push up the hill without sustaining yet more casualties. 
The battle was drawn.

A great days gaming - a near run thing for both sides.
What if the Zulu's had been slower to arrive?
What if the Infantry had crossed the drift first?
What if the Zulu's had thrown more troops into the first attack rather than massing on the hill side?

Perhaps another refight in 2017?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wyvern Wargamers - Winter All Dayer 2016 Part 1

There is nothing like an all dayer to get the creative juices following or the cold sweat of panic knowing you have less than 24 Hrs to get figures battlefield ready.

Tomorrow the Wyverns revisiting the Zulu Wars with Col Pearson's Right Flank Column crossing the iNyezane Drift.

We shall be using the Daniel Mersey's - The Men Who Would Be Kings rules. With 90 points aside on offer - The Zulu's really will be thick as grass...
But still time to recruit a unit of sharp shooters to slow the British advance.

Full AAR to follow....

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Warfare 2016

Sunday saw our annual trip down to Reading for Warfare, the last show of 2016.
Thanks to all those who stopped by. We were looking recreate an element of the the Battle of the Somme and the push for Albert, a detailed overview can be found here.

Thanks for Paul and Sally at Kallistra for supply the fantastic terrain, the Hexon system is really the only choice for creating the necessary trench lines on this scale.

Some pics of the battle as it unfolded.

The battlefield, British on the left and German Machine guns on the right.

The Germans man the trenches a poor roll by me meant that the British Artillery failed to surpress many of the MG's apart from the very last 3 on the far right.
The Brtish reach the wire but suffered over 1000 casualties within the first hour of play.
The German defenders in the mine crater suffered as the British looked to break into the first line of defence.
The mine on the British right had smashed the German trenches and the loss of three of the seven Machine guns and weakened the German left allowing the Brits to push through on to the second line after fighting had ranged all day in the forward trenches.

Meanwhile on the British left the Trenches were in partial British hands but the Albert Road and village was still heavily defended.
As a gentle reminder what was waiting for me on the paint table at home, our next door neighbors  Steve Deeprose put on a fantastic looking Egypt game...... Right back to the brushes those Frenchies will not paint themselves.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

1 Sleep till Warfare

For many Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, but for wargamers surely Warfare is that day?
Time to buy all those presents for yourself that you really want on Christmas morning...

The Wyverns will be supporting our good friends Kallistra running a large WW1 encounter using their Raging Empires Rules. A fast placed game allowing you to game trench warfare on a large scale.

Drop by and say hello you are always welcome to come and roll some dice.