Saturday, June 12, 2021

Stargrave - Starship Troopers - #2 Bugs!!!.

Back to that damn rock and another outing for Stargrave.

Hired by an old mining buddy of Gregson Industries to re-start the oxygen plant which had been overrun bugs. Squadron Leader Patricia Leafy of the Missile Ship William E Barber had appoint to prove. Having taken over the crew from her sister killed in the first game she was keen to win this encounter and top up the crew's war chest.

The plant was surrounded by an electric fence which could be turned off by a central control panel, but first the bugs needed to be dealt with. They were contained in the compound but would react to anyone breaking through the fence.

Looking across the valley another crew was also on scene - those flaming skinnies again. They were quick out of the blocks bolstered by their first success and were already making headway through the wire having shot down the Arachnid's on their side of the fence.

The crew of the William E Barber fired several rounds at the Skinnies as they attempted to break through the fence line, but tucked away in the rocks with Scarad a stone cold killer, armed with a sniper rifle he took aim.

Blam......Bloody Hell !!!!
Patricia Leafy took a round straight to the chest, I am running out of Leafy sisters... :-(
One of us was laughing as yet again in the first round my captain is out of the fight. I am beginning to think I might have to paint up a new Captain after all. 

The Skinnies started to unlock the loot tokens barely troubled by Leafy's crew, even poor old Boltz was knocked off his feet running across the compound.

As various loot boxes were opened the local wildlife got involved swooping down on anyone who happened to be near them.

As the fire fight raged both crews attempted to gain the last loot goals, but the day was the Skinnies who scurried away with 3 of the 5 tokens. Still having a Captain gave them that first move advantage which is so critical in these games.

The crew of William E Barber spent their loot on the services of the Medical Core returning the Captain to active duty. 2 Games in, the crew had a total of 35 Credits to their name, whilst the Skinnies continued to expand their armoury and technology. 

Life in the Quarantine Zone can be tough.....

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Sherden Guards - Northstar - Infamy Infamy - Kings of Bronze.

The last of the North Star Order is complete. I had a loose blister pack of Sherden Guards hanging around from last year and the latest order brings the unit up to 10 Elite fighters ready to enter the fray.

Notorious pirates who raided the Nile Delta, their warriors wore horned helmets with boar tusks and carried long slashing swords and bucklers covered in bosses. Ramesses II captured some of these raiders and was so impressed by their ferocity recruited them as a royal bodyguard and let them keep their traditional equipment, but with the addition of Egyptian armour.

Great figures and have a far more imposing feel to them than the Warlord or Foundry offerings. Within Infamy Infamy, I will be classing them as Barbarians so the ability to amass fervour, something new for the Hittites to think about.

Next up the Pony Wars 6mm project finally makes it to the paint table. It might need a few sessions to get my eye in so will probably start with something simple rather than some of the Indians with there warpaint and bonnets.

Friday, May 28, 2021

New Kingdom Egyptian Infantry and yet more Shock Markers

Projects are coming in think and fast lately.... with a wish list of games stretching into several weeks.

Anyhow before I get too distracted, a couple of extra's for the Kings of Bronze Project and some North Star Egyptians who are now back in stock... The excuse was to make up the postage for the recent Stargrave purchase.

Lovely figures rather more muscular than their Warlord counterparts. The Officer and Command group are great with some real dynamic poses.

Meanwhile I had a bunch of loose rocks which were not getting used so decided to add them on to circular bases and create some additional shock markers, they also use up some of the spare shields that were left in the original blister packs. 

Twelve of these should be enough for a standard game, recording shock and kills for both sides.
Next up the Sherden Guard finally make an appearance.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Stargrave - Starship Troopers - See Boltz Run.

The first outing for Stargrave - Starship Troopers.

Captain Marion Leafy and the crew of the William E Barber have been hired to collect a cache of arms from the Skinnies for a group of Mormon extremists in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. The meeting had gone badly and before you know it laser bolts filled the air.

Five loot tokens two on each half of the table and a central loot token in the centre of the table, the Skinnies enter from the top of the table, the crew of the William E Barber from the bottom.

First Mate Eve Hopkins rushed forwards with a number of the crew across the open ground towards the centre loot location. It was smash and grab, get the token and get out.

Meanwhile The Skinnies start to infiltrate the table flanking left and right, a member of the mobile infantry popped up on a roof top of the nearest building they had been sent to secure the cache. He was swiftly dispatched by the Skinnies with a concentration of laser fire.

They seize the roof tops over looking the centre of cluster of buildings and the first loot counter. 

Boom !!!! - caught in the open Hopkins catches the full force of a grenade. Out of the fight before they had fired a shot. Wilkes the medic could do nothing to help.
Harry 'Flash' Gordon dived into the scrub lightly wounded, not the best start for the crew of the William E Barber.

Boltz the ships dog ignored by the Skinnies darted into the centre building and remarkably managed unlock the loot token.

To the right Leafy starts to work on another loot token, she easily opens the security latch using her computer deck. But the Skinnies had not been idle and now had the ships crew firmly in there sights. With two grenade launchers they started lobbing grenades onto the crew.

As the high explosive rounds rocked the crater, the blasts triggered a bug hole. A random location right behind Leafy and her crew. A warrior bug comes scuttling out targeting the nearest figure.

Gunner Vaskes fired before being skewered by the Arachnid. Skinnies to their front bugs to the their rear, it was a bad night for the crew of the missile ship.

Leafy needed to clear the path, she rushed into combat and discharged her concealed firearm finishing off the bug. She turned to urge the crew to get a move on, but was caught in a blast from yet another HE round, knocking her out of the fight. Leader down and loot token lost.

The surprising hero of the hour was Boltz the ships dog stealing the middle loot and heading off table swiftly followed by Wilkes the Medic and a number of Mobile Infantry rushing to recapture the stolen loot.

The table was left to the Skinnies with 4 tokens to 1.

Not the best first outing but things were about to get a whole lot worse.
Whilst the crew recovered from their wounds Marion Leafy was not so lucky her wounds were irrecoverable and she bled out. There would be no big pay day for Captain Marion Leafy.......

As the remnants of the crew drank in an off world bar, in walks Squadron Leader Patricia Leafy - twin sister of Marion, having received a transmission from her sister in her dying moments Patricia had walked away from her career and a path to citizenship to lead the crew of the Missile Ship William E Barber.

Well that was fun not the result I had hoped for.
The inclusion of troopers and bugs make for an interesting encounter and their random placement can change the dynamics of the game. It's not a good idea to get caught in the open and losing your lead characters really does scupper your chances.

Better luck next time.... I am putting this down to the curse of freshly painted figures.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Stargrave - Starship Troopers

Nothing beats face to face gaming and idle gaming chat, before you know it a new project is underway....

It's been quite a while since the Starship Troopers stuff has been on the table and with the launch of Stargrave a few weeks ago, an opportunity to bring them back to the table with a new set of rules and some fun encounters. We had some really good games over the years with the Atlantean's and the Ghost Archipelago rules so it should be quite easy to pick up these rules and create a number of rival ships crews. 

First up the crew of the Missile Ship - William E Barber.

Decommissioned after the first battle of Klendathu. Capt Leafy was wrongly accused of cowardice and now along with her crew is a gun for hire on the Terran Government's most wanted list. 

I was a little light on the ships crew so a swift order to Denizen and a quick paint job and the crew is up to a full compliment of 10 including Blotz the ships robot dog.

On first pass Stargrave looks to follow the style and formula of Frost Grave and Ghost Archipelago, easy to learn and rewarding if you get your tactics right...

The set up of scenario's will be familiar to those who have played the other versions, albeit with a couple of subtle changes, loot token have to be placed in the opponents half of the table, the wandering monsters are bolstered by pirate gangs who get more numerous if you don't get a move on.... 

Lot's to ponder as we prep for the first game.

In the opening encounter Capt Leafy runs up against a band of Skinnies in a trade gone bad. The Skinnies are one of the many nations or tribes which spread out into many worlds during the Age of Hegemony.

The setting a dusty mining planet inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, the Federation military vessels don't cross into the region which has created a haven for smugglers, Independent 'wildcat' colonies such as the Mormon extremists create a tense atmosphere of shoot first and ask questions later. 

Throw in the Bug activity which is increasing across the region and you have quite the mix.

Would you like to know more? ............

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

LOTR Campaign Game #6 Into the valley of death rode the 6 Warg Riders.

It's been months but face to face gaming is back and so too the LOTR campaign and the concluding game of round 2 We are both a little rusty but it does not take long to take off the dust sheets and remind ourselves of events so far.

The Orcs were pressing their advantage bypassing Helm's Deep they drove North through he Gap of Rohan and into the wide and empty land of Enedwaith. The forces of men were out numbered on many fronts looking to delay the advance whilst their forces mustered in the West.

A simple patrol game the dark forces number 200 points facing off against 100 points of human forces. The Uruk-Kai had simple orders visit 4 terrain pieces in 4 sectors of the table, the humans had to stop them.

Outnumbered the Rohan defenders hide from the patrolling creatures. The Warg riders dart here and there seeking any sign of the humans. The Humans were deep in country and soon the Warg riders had out stripped their accompanying infantry. Rohan archers snipped at the riders and drove a number of the scouts backwards.

As the riders fell back the Orc commander called forwards his Berserkers rush charged from the massed ranks. The men of Rohan scattered.

But some men held firm the men of Gondor veterans of numerous encounters formed a square a loosed their arrows into the Warg riders driving them backwards.

Heavily armoured warriors filled the valley advancing north. light troops and scouts were one thing for the Rohan Militia but these would be a different challenge.

A lone figure stepped forwards from the Marsh looking halt the attackers advance.

Quickly followed by more Rohan militia who rushed to plug the gap as the Orc's poured through.

The grey haired warrior was able to destroy the first set of berserkers but a second group rushed forwards aiming to destroy the old man in the swamp.

The Warg Riders had recovered and slipped past the thinly spread defenders.

Unsurprisingly the Rohan were beaten, but they had inflicting a number of casualties on the Urak-Hai. But were too few in number to stop the patrol reaching it's objective.
Enedwaith. had fallen to the Orc's. 

Roll on Turn 3.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

6mm Roads and Paddy Fields - Two Sheds Fred

For several years I have been on the look out for a decent road system, I have tried several manufacturers none of which have really given me what I need.

Step forward Two Sheds Fred. 

Fred and Emily did a great great job on the Desert Wadi recently and they were the natural choice to create a bespoke road system for the new gaming area. I wanted something semi rural, ideally for the 6mm Red Phoenix project but easily able to extend to the larger scales.  

It was great to see a couple of testers first, which resulted in us shrinking the road width and raising the banks. The finished article is just fantastic and with enough T Junctions and Y Junctions to give me multiple design options.

The original plan was for Korea and Cold War encounters between the North and South, no encounter could go by without a number of paddy fields. I had seen several designs on the web in 15mm or 28mm but needed something a little smaller, again Fred and Emily can through providing me with a number of layouts and sizes.

Two Shed Fred have a number of off the shelf pieces but are equally happy to create bespoke pieces. Great value for money and a quick turnaround. 
You can find them here. Twoshedsfred | Facebook

The roads blend in perfectly with my collection and give me a great area to fight over. The paddy fields close off several of the open areas and give some natural protection for the infantry defenders.

I am tempted to give Bolt Action a run out, having read a number of posts about using Bolt Action in a modern setting and adapting the rules to larger scale games it sounded like a few adaptions could give me a blend of the two. 

Increasing the activation system from individual vehicles to platoons and totalling up the fire points for the infantry sections.

There might be a danger of mixing platoons up on the table, but having based the infantry on section bases should reduce this risk and in fairness the number of infantry on the table is probably less than a 28mm game. Each base will have a number of fire points which should should make the firing a little quicker. 

It needs some road testing, something to work on whilst attending yet another zoom call.
With face to face gaming less than a week away, I am itching to give the new terrain a roll out.