Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Raid on Los Banos - A Chain of Command Scenario.

Sometimes you have to be that little bit creative if you are to get all the toys on the table.
My opponent had invested in a shiny new platoon of US Para's all tooled up but no one to fight, meanwhile my Japs have been locked in their case for a year or so - There must be a scenario surely when these to forces fought?

Google of course came to our rescue and an encounter in early 1945 were the 1st Battlalion 511th took part in the Raid at Los Baños, freeing over 2,000 foreign Allied civilians from a Japanese internment camp south of Manila, this midweek scenario represents the assault on the main gate.

The Guard House, the Para's will be coming on from the right.

The camp Garrison deploy.

The 511th look to flank the Japanese defenders.

So much for the curse of newly painted figures.

On the left flank Marines in support move up.

A double 6 and to moves on the trot allow the US to catch the Japs napping.

Tommy guns and BAR's make short work of the defenders.

In a vain attempt to push the Para's back, with a Banzai the Japs charge.

It's all over the Japs force morale breaks.

A terrible game for the Japanese the formation was to cumbersome with no teams within the section and mad charges could not match the US fire power in close combat. The surprise entry of the tank made no difference and the Japanese force morale was broken in under 2 hours....

I shall be putting this one down to experience - Who said newly painted figures always lose.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Nickstarter is now live!

OK I was going to call this posting "I have Crabs" but I am pretty sure that would get all the wrong kind of views. To mark the launch of the latest Nickstarter I thought I would clear a couple of items from the foot of lead mountain.

I picked these nippy looking sea creatures up a number of months ago for the Warlords of Atlantis Project but I am pretty sure they will come in handy for island treasure grabbing.

As daft as it sounded I did not want to many fanciful creatures for the Atlantians/Pirates to battle but then I realised Atlantis was made up and giant Crabs don't really exist...

The largest armoured crustacean is from Otherworld Miniatures while the smaller two are from Antediluvian Miniatures you can see the size comparison when compared to one of the Guardians. somewhat of a rushed paint job, but they will do the trick lurking in swamps and coming out of the sea.

Right enough of this silliness back to the Haitian Project, with a big game looming in a couple of week I have at least 3 units to finish and little paint time.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dragon Rampant - Pot Boiler - Water Margin Style.

A little behind on my posts of late - Last week saw another Dragon Rampant outing, we opted for Scenario F - Pot Boiler replacing the pot for the evil Prefect of Qingzhou.

10 members of Liang Shan Po have been captured and the Prefect is in the process of signing their death warrants. After Turn 3 for each turn the Prefect remains unharmed he executes one prisoner. As soon as the Prefect is contacted by our heroes the game is over - hopefully with the prisoners rescued.

We picked our forces and I opted for Lu-Ta and a mix of cheap Bannermen with some Palace Guards to give some muscle for the heroes of Liang Shan Po. My opponent went for batches of Heavy infantry, some nasty looking flame throwers and the Foo Dogs.

I opted to spread my forces around the outside of the table looking to take advantage of any gap with some light cavalry, afterall all I had to do was contact the Prefect to win the game.

The Government forces were quick out of the blocks rushing the Foo Dogs forward and driving off my first Banner unit who fought valiantly and took the dogs down to half strength, I was losing my numerical advantage.

Lu-Ta leads the charge supported by the Guards and yet more Banner men. If I could defeat the Temple Guards and the General we would be through before the other defenders could rush in.

The Flower Priest falls but not before he takes the Temple Guard with him, I am forced to bring my light cavalry into play to keep my opponent from bringing his heavy infantry and flamethrowers into play.

The remaining Bannermen charge forwards but are defeated by the enemy General, so close yet so far - A prisoner is put to the sword... ouch..

The Palace Guard charge forward pushing back the enemy General but not before another prisoner is executed.

Our heroes are victorious capturing the Prefect and freeing the remaining 7 prisoners..

A great mid week game - Dragon Rampant always makes for a fun encounter and the games always seem to run to the wire. Stay tuned for more Water Margin encounters in the coming weeks.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Paint Table Sunday - The Army of Toussaint Louverture

The recent ACW big bash is distracting me with thoughts of a few "extra" mini's to stem the Northern tide. However I am resisting the urge to paint these extra's at least until I have the completed the main forces for the Haiti project.

Following on from the first game I have had a rethink about the force make up and unit stats. The longer plan will be to create a Slave Rebellion Force and Free People's Force that way I will have forces to face off against one another and the British, French or Spanish depending on who has what at the club.  

Image result for Toussaint Louverture
The man himself Toussaint Louverture.

Whilst I work out exactly what extra's are needed for the two forces and supports that might be needed, I thought I would kick start some of the Line Infantry in the Army of Toussaint Louverture - The Black Napoleon.

The figures are from Trent Miniatures and are available from Arcane Scenery who always provide great service. To late in the day for natural light the flash gives the impression that they are some what lighter then they actually are, I will look to get an outside shot in the coming days to give a better view of them.

The castings come with separate heads which provides for multi variations and with spare heads available gives me a few extra options for some head swaps on some of the regular French infantry which are in the paint queue.

With another game against the British planned in the coming weeks, a few more regular types are needed to give me a fighting chance.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wyvern Wargamers - Big Bash 2017 - ACW

When fellow club members paint at a far greater rate than you, you have to be creative in your game design.

The view from the Union lines

Sunday saw an outing of for the ACW collection using Sharp Practice 2 - I have enough to scrape together a Confederate force of around 140 points, whilst Paul and Dane can generate a cast of  000's. We wanted to get all the toys on the table but it did seem a little unfair on the rebs so we came up with a scenario which allowed for a much reduced Confederate Force to face off against the all of the Union Army.
Looking North with the Green staging points and Red deployment Points

We created 4 Forces for the Union command each owned by a different player and allowed them all to advance on the table at once. The table was split into 4 segments each one containing a separate confederate force and two deployment markers. 
The Union player could only advance into the second segment (see the small green markers at the table edge) once they had broken the force morale of the first line of defence and so on and so forth.

If it went to plan we could recommision the confederate forces in each segment. Each fresh and ready for action whilst the Union player would have to marshall their troops and try and keep casualties down knowing that each segment would have new defenders to man the defences.

So how did it play out?

The first deployment point captured by Union Skirmishers without a shot being fired.
On the left flank the first Union regiment takes heavy fire.
Pressure builds on the Confederate Command as more troops enter the table.
The Union Cavalry enter the fray - Damn repeating carbines....
The first line of defence crumbles and the force morale drops to zero.
Those pesky cavalry push forward out stripping its supporting infantry.
Pay back the second line is unmasked - The cavalry take cover.
Shock begins to mount as more southerns are activated.
The cavalry retire only to be replaced by yet more Infantry.
Pressure builds on the right flank
The South holds firm as the clock ticks down.

We were perhaps a little too grand with our table size but it did make for a fun game with everyone involved. As Confederates we looked to break individual Union units knowing it would slow the advance and make it difficult to push forward for the next wave. The Union players got drawn into lengthy fire fights where perhaps the bayonet would have made a greater impact to break Confederate force morale.

A great days gaming, which we agreed was a well fought draw although the Union side received casualties at a ratio of 3:1

Sharp Practice once again gave a great game with multiple commands and was well balanced even though the odds were against the men from Texas.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

I never did get into Frostgrave. The investment in suitable terrain put me off, I like to ensure my terrain collection has multiple uses across periods and gaming systems. The rules themselves seemed fine in the few games I had with Paul at the Wyverns (see his posts here.) so when Ghost Archipelago was announced set in jungle covered Islands it suddenly felt worth considering as a gaming system.

The main characters in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago are the powerful Heritors and their Warden sidekicks. These characters will replace the Wizard and Apprentice characters from the original Frostgrave setting the teasers suggest a Sinbad type feel to the crewmen and factions with the usual RPG type options of building characters through the games played.
Osprey Games Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago Wardens

Osprey Games: New Frostgrave - Ghost Archipelago Painted Heritors Miniatures

The initial previews are encouraging expendable crewmen and weird adversaries such as the

The initial look and feel appears to give the kind of large scale skirmish I was looking for in a pirate type adventure and the recent games of Cutlass! and Atlantis type adventure should transfer well into  Junglegrave and give me a use for some of the stranger painted items which don't see much game time.

It hopefully will give me a chance to pull together all of those small projects under one roofwith a common rule set.

Definately a Nickstarter worth backing and with jungle terrain a plenty something I can bring to the table relatively quickly. Crickey I am almost entering mainstream gaming. Anyhow after this minor distraction back to some thing a little more left field Haitian Napoleonics...