Saturday, August 10, 2019

Ghost Archipelago - #7 The Gateway.

According to locals the Chappata live in a mountain city high where the only why in is through a large gate in the bottom of the mountain, all the parties have to do is push open the gate and enter the city, where a bounty of treasure awaits.
The Chappata are peaceful people and not known for their warrior skills so they should be easy to push aside.
The winner in today's outing is the first player to push open the gate.

The Gateway is defended by three warriors of the Chappata people, however a further warrior will join the defenders for every 18 rolled on the initiative table. They won't engage the parties until anyone gets within 10" of the gate or they are fired upon.

Littered along the road to the temple is various piles of treasure, the players will gain rewards for collecting them, but this is a race to the gate..... Remember guys a race.....

Turn one and it would appear blood feuds run deep, as the freebooters open fire on the Atlantians who are sandwiched on the main highway between to the two opposing forces.

Whilst the Marines look to skirt the fighting the Guardians blaze away at anyone in sight.

Heritor Rasco is taken out of the fight by a blunderbuss blast from the nasty pirates... this brings a lull in the fighting with both sides content that a small amount of recompense had been done.

A few turns tick by and the Marines and the Pirates make it to within sight of the gateway, the native numbers had been growing slightly but they continue to observe the invaders. The Freebooters make a break for one of the piles of gold, only for the Marines to break from cover and let loose a volley.

Captain Masters let's his releases his war hound who tears into the burly pirate, his large axe is no match for gnashing teeth,

Meanwhile at the gate the native numbers continue to swell.

Having regrouped the Atlantians now led by Atmir move up the road, the Warden throwing up clouds of mist to cover their advance.

The Marines having triggered the Chappata fall back into the hinterland in the hope that they will take out the other gangs leaving the way clear for them to reach the gate.

Atmir takes the opportunity to grab a a pile of treasure before another bloody exchange between them and the Marines.

The clock ran down and all players agreed to fall back each party having lost a number of comrades, with their numbers reduced and the natives growing numbers. They would have to try another day to breach the gate,

Another fun outing but perhaps next time we all should save our powder for the natives.....

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Spectre Miniatures - African Militia #2

More from the cupboard of shame whilst I wade my way through the rebasing of Korean Micro armour and buildings I wanted to clear up more of the African Militia. 

Another interesting bunch in T shirts and civilian attire - I am loving the graduate, I think he must have passed his GCSE in weapon handling.....

Next week back to the small toys and more 6mm.....

Sunday, July 28, 2019

SPQR - Rule review and first thoughts

A little behind on postings, last weekend saw the first run through of the newly released offering from Warlord SPQR, it's Ancients warband sized game. 
Having just sold my copy of Warhammer Ancient Battles it did very much remind me of these rules, with a traditional approach of IGUG rather than Warlords Bolt Action random dice picks.

The rule book is in the style of many of the Warlord offerings with plenty of eye candy and a bunch of scenarios for each faction.
The rules seem simple enough but you will need a bucket of d6 for example in the Warband attack on the Roman legion the German's rolled over 50 dice.... Good job the defenders had over 40 defence dice to counter the assault.

You don't get many Romans for the points on offer we played with 870 points aside which give the  Romans two heroes, a unit of Legionaries, an archer unit and six Numidian light horse. The Germans also had two heroes, three units of warriors, one of slingers and another of archers. 

We played the scenario "Fall of Heroes" which saw the Romans surrounded with the Germans hordes looking to kill the Roman leader.

I chanced my arm and threw my legion at the one side of barbarian hordes hoping to break them before they could bring all their forces to bear.

I tend not to be a fan of rule sets that churns through so many figures in a single round. I prefer rules that give my painted heroes more table time. If it takes over 15 hours to paint a unit of warriors I would rather see them on the table back in the carry case in less than 10 minutes.
Could it be that rules of this nature are a simply a vehicle to drive figure sales?
Having thrown that grenade time to move on....

The Roman legion having swept aside the first warband, the archers were caught by the charging warband and were wiped out to a man.

A few rounds later the Roman hero is down to his last few men, but so to are the German attackers in the final round the leader of the Roman lost his final wound and the game was over.

A fun rule set easy to pick up with optional rules for Greeks, Persians, Macedonians, Caeserian and Imperial Romans and their numerous enemies, if you are a fan of GW offerings and this is your first step into historical gaming I can see people liking these rules, but I like to see my toys on the table that little bit longer.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

V the Mini Series - Clean and Sweep #1

Having had a couple infantry based games with the Visitors, I thought it time for the them to crank it up and go on the offensive.

The militia player had to prepare for all round defence of the village from the Visitors and their cleansing and food hunt.

Visitor Briefing.

Location: Zikinga
Situation: Your platoon has been tasked with clearing out a village. Expect a prepared defence.
Initial Deployment: Enter on any road, you may enter on foot or mounted.
Victory Conditions: Clear the village of militia.

Zikanga Militia Briefing.
Location: Zikinga.
Situation: A Visitor assault on your village is expected, you are prepared to repel this assault on your home.
Initial Deployment: Set up anywhere on the board.
Victory Conditions: Keep control of the village at the end of the game.

So there you have it a game of 750 points using Flying Lead. 

The game starts well for the human militia as the first Visitor APC is stopped in it's tracks by a well placed RPG round. The Visitor squad and Diana dive out of the pack of the APC as more RPG rounds land around the the stalled vehicle.

With their passage blocked the second APC flanks the village and enters into the village from the east. A messy fire fight was taking place as militia men popped up from various windows and door ways.

The Lizards are some evil so and so's they drive into the militia defending the outskirts of the village and catch one of the militia in the backyard of the outer shacks and crush him beneath the tracks of the APC.

The milita head for the high ground and catch the Visitors on the flank, once again Diana is caught in a hail of bullets and is knocked to the ground.

The Visitors push on, into the centre of the village the leader of the militia joins the fights but is forced to dive for cover as his Militia men are cut down by laser fire.

Hearing of Diana's wounding the Visitor APC changes his focus and heads towards their fallen leader.

The Visitors pulled all of their resources to the defence of the fallen leader, whilst the Visitor Shock Troopers held the cross roads they were unable to clear the village in the alloted time. 

A cracking evenings gaming...
A near run thing for both sides...

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Seven Days to the Rhine - South Korean Formations..

On to the South Korean's.
So it turns out I had not painted anywhere near enough of these, time to check the spares box or a quick order to GHQ to flesh out the ranks in the coming weeks for some SP Guns, AA vehicles and recon elements.

Once again based and formated for Seven Days to the Rhine.

South Korean Mechanized Regiment
Regimental Headquarters
1 Infantry Regiment
Artillery Battery
Reconnaissance Company
Tank Company

Infantry Battalion

Battalion Headquarters
33 Points
1 Infantry Stand
A Company Infantry
73 Points
2 Infantry Stands
B Company Infantry
73 Points
2 Infantry Stands
C Company Infantry
73 Points
2 Infantry Stands
D Company Machine Gun Company
73 Points
2 MG Stands
E Company Support Company
104 Points
2 81mm Mortar & 2 Dragon Stands

Regimental Heavy Weapons Company

Regimental Heavy Weapons Company
104 Points
2 120 mm Mortar & 2 Dragon Stands

Regimental Air Defence Company

Regimental Air Defence Company
46 Points
2 M163 Vulcan

Artillery Battalion

A Company
?? Points
4 110A2 SP 8” Howitzers

Tank Company                                                         

Tank Company
128 Points
4 M60 A1’s

Reconnaissance Company

Recon Company
72 Points
4 Fox Armoured Cars

Armour Battalion

Battalion Headquarters
32 Points
1 M60 A1
A Company
128 Points
4 M60 A1’s
B Company
128 Points
4 M60 A1’s
C Company
128 Points
4 M60 A1’s
D Company Infantry
73 Points
2 Infantry Stands and 1 M113
E Company Infantry
73 Points
2 Infantry Stands and 1 M113
F Company AT Company
80 Points

So with a scratch force of South Koreans and their numerically superior neighbours complete, on to the buildings to give them something to fight over.
I have a batch of Time Cast south asian buildings to base up and some other earlier efforts in need of improvement. But should be able to bring these to the table by August.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - Day Ten - 10th August 1791

Day 10 and with a fresh player taking control of Henri Christophe in the south of the island things are starting to hot up.

The forces of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines (Gold) continue their expansion through out the region with another village - St Louis du Sud falling under his control.

The British hold firm at Pestel as the South West of the island starts to become somewhat crowded.

The Republicans continue to hold rallies and petition the people to show free will, but take no aggressive actions whilst on the other side of the mountain Rigaud's forces can be seen marching West along the coast from Jacmal.

Our new player Henri Christophe has sent out a flurry of orders, his men set about their new orders with great vigour with troops scurrying here and there.

In the North of the island Gen Louverture continues his advance into the territory of Georges Biassou, his skirmish troops push him hard. Louverture pushes his skirmishers forward keeping the pressure on Biassou. Biassou throws a shielding force to halt the advance of Louverture whilst he breaks up his formation in an attempt to slip the noose.
Meanwhile a body of men are seen advancing towards Louvertures forces.

The Spanish tend to their wounded with 4 men returning to the ranks. The Princesses forces retreat deeper into their territory falling back to Phaeton. However word reaches the Spanish commander of an incursion on the Spanish border by a group of slaves.

And finally after the attack at the fort a few days ago things have been quiet for the French, but reports are coming in from the pickets of Slave forces massing on the tree line around the fort. An attack is coming Dutty and his men are on the move.
Standby for round 2.

One major battle and 2 small skirmishes it's looking to be a busy month ahead.....