Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Best laid plans.... An FIW Encounter.

A little behind on postings of late, however last Sunday saw the Wyverns venture into the northern reaches of Canada as the French with the aid of the Indian tribes attempted to attack the British homesteads.

The mission was a simple one secure the bridge and drive off the defenders, the river ran the length of the table and aside from the bridge was only crossable at the ford.

I think is was Moltke who said “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.” and so it proved on Sunday. I had it all planned rush the bridge drive off the French regulars and turn on the Indians before they could get organised.

It was all going to plan, the counters were first out of the bag and forming a closed column the Brits with supporting skirmishers and the light company pushed ahead and secured the bridge before the French could react.

The French Indian allies were forced to reveal themselves early and ran for the ford.

The British flying column reach the dead ground in the valley before the French were able to cross the first picket fence. So far so good.

Meanwhile the Indians were pushing hard and I was only able to get a scratch unit of colonial skirmishers upto the fence, they were freshly painted, so I should have known how they would fare.

The British creast the rise and are greated by a french volley and fire from the flank by an Indian unit hidden in the wood, shock was becoming a problem, compounded by 4 Blue flags, curses.
The French prime their muskets and let loose a second round of fire.
The skirmishers are wiped out as shock mounts and force morale falls.

Meanwhile on the western flank the colonials fall back with only the scots saving them from having been routed from the table as the scots ragged fire slowed down the natives advance.

The British column still yet to fire fell back across the bridge and formed into a firing line, but casualties were mounting, including the commanding officer who took a wound whilst trying to steady the line. Force morale fell again.

Under constant fire and unable to remove enough shock points to become effective, the broken formation now separate groups fell back turn after turn, leaving the French and their Indian allies firmly in control of the northern bank and poised to cross the river.

With the British force morale nearing the zero they were forced to leave the table.
Victory to the French.

A great nights gaming even if the result turned out to be nothing like my original plan.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Charlie Foxtrot Models - Tidewater House.

A few days away and a chance to crack on with the construction of Tidewater House from Charlie Fortrot Models or Plantation Oiseaux Moelleux as it will be known in the ongoing Haitian campaign.
The instructions are a little thin so I thought I would document some of the stages for those interested.

After the initial scare of opening the bag and being a little surprised at the amount of 'bits'. The good news is many of them are windows and shutters which once separated make the task somewhat less daunting.

The construction can be completed in two parts, which means you can work on both at the same time. It's quite imposing once you put the shell together with plenty of room to put figures in, some of joints are a little tight but they do fit together rather well with no gaps between connecting walls.

I should have added the sills in first before adding the shutters as this made the task of adding them in some what challenging espically if you don't leave enough room either side of the windows. However ignoring the fact I should have read the instructions first. I found the back of a tea spoon useful to ease the sills in to place before the wood glue dried.

Whilst the windows and shutters were drying, I completed the porch and chimney stacks, not overtly complicated once you have all the pieces put by. Although you will need to sand down the stacks to create the right angle for the roof.

Next up the steps and doors, the doors are a little loose in the frame, so I added a small block to secure the doors in place. I am not expecting to be opening them during game play, but it was nice to have the option to leave open or closed.

The roof fitted together very simply with a central support to keep it strudy, I found securing this first easier to create the right angle for the end sections and matching fascia.

Now for the trickest part, the front porch. The plastic columns are a little short, you will find a couple of spare cut outs from the column bases, I glued these to the plastic tubing to give that little bit extra length to secure the roof and floor by the columns. A strong elastic band allowed it to dry in place (thanks for the tip Steve.) so it did not lift up from the base.

Finally a liberal pasting of PVA glue and the adding of the paper tiles covers the gap in the roof apex and the entry slots of the wall to the roof.

Now complete it's quite the mansion and an imposing piece of terrain and will certainly fill the table top. I am toying with the idea of basing it adding in some shrubs and lawn, but will probably wait to consider this once it's painted.

I am still not sold on the MDF buildings over resin, whilst their might be an initial saving, once you factor in the man hours to construct and how resilient they are on the gaming table is their really that much difference in value/gaming return?

In any event it's nice to get it complete. Now just the task of painting it up.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Plantation workers - Haitian Revolution.

Whilst constuction of the Plantation House continues I thought I would catch up on a couple of household staff to try and defend the estate from the slave revolt, they will serve are an irregular skirmish unit within the Sharp Practice rules.

Gareth Chasse is owner of the Plantation Oiseaux Moelleux, a ruthless land owner attempting to steer a path between the Royalists and Jacobins on the island, the last thing he needed was a revolution and disruption to his business. Let alone a rebellion by the slave popultation.

The figures are by the Perry Twins and whilst designed for the their AWI southern colonies range, I figured they would be useful to represent some 'Small Whites' looking to defend their homes on the night of the fire - The first mass revolt.

Monsieur Chasse and two of his household staff.
Let's see how much he likes these coffee beans when the insurgents look to burn him out.

Friday, July 27, 2018

This weeks Challenge....

It was a good idea at the time and looked lovely on the shelf however....

I have been putting it off ever since I got back from Derby last year and looked in the bag and saw the 000's of pieces.... Good job I have a few days off and it's still to hot to paint.
I am sure once complete it will be lovely...
In case you could not tell this is Tidewater House from Charlie Foxtrot Models.

Elsewhere the Ottomans once again failed to land a win against Dane's Russians in Sharp Practice.
A close run thing, with the Russians attempting to cross the table with only a wooded hill separating the two forces.

I opted for Ottoman regulars which made a change and topped them up with a couple of skirmish units and a band of fellas with sword and spear to give him something to think about - He is not a fan of a big chopper.... espially after the recent Haiti game...

Dispite seizing the high ground and pinning the Russians in the centre of the table the Ottomans were unable to force a win.

The Russians kept on absorbing the shock and with the Ottomans losing the skirmish units and swordmen their morale slipped away leaving the Russians to hold the table....

Next up more Haitian's to defend the plantation house.....

Saturday, July 21, 2018

White Dragon Miniatures - Battlefield Clutter

Back in the Spring we were fortunate to win the Hammerhead prize draw for those clubs putting on games, it was late in the day but I had been eyeing up the defences and barricades from White Dragon Miniatures all day. The Combat Zone game from a few weeks ago gave me the nudge to get them painted up...

Cast in resin they come in several parts, I wanted mine to represent back yards and rear alleys and to block line of sight as troops creep around the inner city so based they closely together on single bases. Each piece comes with some nice touches, barrels, cables and rubble to add to the clutter.

The concrete walls are perfect to hold a fire or HMG team and fit in well with my Eureka modern Russians.

Meanwhile the metal fencing gives troops the opportunity to rush from dead ground to dead ground perfect for taking on the alien invaders when they are looking the other way.

You can't have a run down backyard part of town without someone taking a spray can to the walls, the occasional flash of red and blue on the fencing, gave the kind of feel I was looking for.

They should add a little more depth to the games and mix in well with the other modern terrain and burnt out cars, now for a suitable scenario to get them in play.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fantasy Old and New.

It's been a strange couple of weeks, I had great plans to crack on with some extra's for the Haiti project but the hot weather has made that rather difficult, with the paint drying before it had barely touched the figures.. so a chance to go adventuring instead.

First up something new - The first outing of Zombicide Green Horde.

I am a fan of Black Plague but have to say for me Green Horde is a step to far, I can see why it will appeal to the diehard fan, but it is to gimicky for me, Bowie, Freddie and Jimmy as adventurers right through to the super Zombie Dragons who look great as models but fill the table and unbalance the game play.

I am sure many will be happy with this latest release after all who does not want to fire a trebuchet at Zombies but in it's attempt to add in a raft of extra zombies its lost some of it's initial fear factor and sense of pending doom as the zombies at the door build up and you creep about in doors looking for an alternative exit.

The quality of workmanship is fantastic and with more spare time would love to paint up the mini's but in the attempt to supercharge Zombicide Black Plague something has been lost along the way.
Let's see what Zombicide in space brings.....

Then back after a gap of only 30 years.
D&D Basic - The famous Red Box is back.
I have not played D&D since school and was persuaded to take part in adventure last Sunday, flicking back through the rule book, OK PDF brought back some great memories.... I opted for a Level 1 Cleric and joined Dwarf and Human fighters to clear the guard house which had been taken over by Skaven.

Paul had done a great job of turning the rooms into physical terrain, which added to the adventure as we cleared the barracks and tunnels looking for the Were Rat leader...

A very different experience to slash and cut of Zombicide and a far more relaxed afternoon where you had to really use your grey matter to avoid the cunning traps of the dungeon master.... Great fun.