Sunday, October 14, 2012

AVBCW - Worcester Aflame

How time flies it been 12 months since the VBCW has had an outing, Next club night at Wyvern Wargames club see's a return to the City of Worcester Campaign.

Time for a quick recap.....

The city is held by the BUF with occasion support from the army, armed factions have sprung up all over the city defending their wards and boroughs.

The main resistance to the government is the SRWLF - Severn Riverside Wharf Labours Federation a communist group controlling the area around Diglis receiving support armed support from the factory workers of Birmingham and Gloucester dockers..

Buoyed by the success of recent engagements weeks, the SRWLF look to consolidate their position in the City.


The fascists have for a long while held an OP in the park land on Fort Royal Hill over looking the city and it's approaches from the South, this has been used to interdict the movements of the SRWLF and other opposing factions, if the SRWLF could secure this position they could move freely in the southern part of the city and observe the BUF garrisons stationed at the Cathedral and City Centre.

Crossing the canal at Sidbury, the plan is a simple one, flank the bunker covering the park entrance and seize control of the OP.

Using the lock gate and a local canal boat leading elements of the SRWLF push through the surrounding buildings, a small BUF patrol is sighted on the right flank but is largely ignored as the SRWLF pushed forward.

Elements of the BUF move down the hill to engage the SRWLF, the Marxists are forced left and break cover from behind one of the town houses only to be met by a whithering fire from a second  BUF platoon hidden in the tree line, taking several casualties they are forced to fall back.

The SRWLF centre company push forward to secure the terrace houses facing the park and force the defending BUF to fall back, but mindful of the fascist HMG positioned on the hill are content to only fire at distance rather than venture out into the open for more than a few seconds.

The BUF patrol ignored in the first turn had worked it's way into a position to fire on the flank of the SRWLF and had covered the canal escape route, sensing the battle swinging in their favour they burst from cover in a bold attempt to seize the command elements of the SRWLF.

This was the last straw for the Marxists and they were forced to leave the table leaving a number of their wounded behind.

 Fort Royal remains in BUF hands...

Next week the Battle of Powick Bridge 1938..


  1. Great Report and photos there chaps and what looks like a very good game. Pity the BUF won.

    Have you signed on to the Very British Civil Forum yet?

    1. Been meaning to since it switched from GWP, now the project is back on I will be posting a little more often.

  2. Great aar and photos mate. What rules do you use?
    After the Evesham big game, we're having a vbcw game set in north Herefordshire, including elements from tenbury wells.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Mud & Blood by the Too Fat Lardies with a few chance cards thrown in for good measure to give it that VBCW feel.