Friday, March 31, 2023

Sharp Practice in the desert.

The wargaming gods definitely sent a message this week.

Just when the thought I might move this lot on, to make way for other projects, the Perry Twins drop the start of a new line of Mini's for the Ottomans - Category: Ottoman Army 1790-1815 - Perry Miniatures (

Curses now it looks like they might be reinforced...

On with the game..... A clash between the French looking to hold the town until reinforcements join the fight whilst the Ottoman's look to break the line and reach the main compound.

The French skirmishers fill every window, door and roof top as they await the the first wave of Ottoman attackers.

The Ottomans advance on mass, many armed only with hand to hand weapons, but mass has it's own quality. French Artillery pepper the line as they advance towards the defenders.

The Arab forces rush the defenders, beat them back.

Yet more Ottomans fill the open ground in front of the village. This time better quality European trained troops.

The French slowly give ground as more Ottomans arrive including heavy artillery, which would turn the brick buildings to rubble in short order.

Help is on hand as the French column enter the table to support the hard pressed defenders.

The French fall back into the town, closely followed by the Ottoman Infantry who line out to assault hard pressed defenders.

The main French force prepares to meet the attack, Ottoman cavalry is attempts to flank the French line but is countered by Dragoons.

The Ottoman's mass for yet another attack, with further cavalry on the left flank.

The Ottoman cavalry finally finds a gap in the defences and look to encircle the defenders, they beat back a group of Coptic Infantry but are sent packing by a round of cannister.

A crashing volley shatters the Ottoman column as they advance down the main street, as smoke from the from volley clears the Ottoman force morale drops to zero. The French had held on.

A great encounter touch and go for both sides. The Ottoman cavalry was a constant threat but could not find the space to exploit the wider space. the French skirmishers were surprisingly resilient and dealt a number of blows on the Ottomans as they attempted to assault the buildings. By the time the Ottoman heavy guns were in position to fire the French had fallen back into the rear of the village.

Perhaps the Ottomans do need some extra reinforcements from the the Perry Twins after all.


  1. Very nice looking game their Stu - I don't think I ever had a game of Sharpe Practice that I didn't enjoy - must try and play it again sometime!

    1. I agree always a good balance between tactics and fun.

  2. Awesome game Stu - very exotic!

  3. Great report Stuart, the buildings and figures look excellent. It sounds like there's gonna be a little trouble for your wallet soon.

  4. What a great looking game Stu and one that could have gone either way. Hard for the Ottoman cavalry to find space to deploy and all that, probably as well from the French point of view. BTW those Perry Ottoman's do look rather tempting!

    1. Thanks Steve a little to cluttered for cavalry, lucky French.

  5. Excellent! What a great looking game