Tuesday, May 16, 2023

LOTR Campaign #8 Battle of Silver River.....

Having been beaten back in the previous turn the battle weary human forces have fallen back to Weathertop on the Great East Road but the Orcs had followed up giving them no respite. Outnumbered 3:1 they had one chance to strike the Orc's before they could get organised.

Orc forces were escorting a the wagon of supplies across the table, if the human forces could capture or destroy the wagon they could strike a blow to the attackers. however a poor terrain roll split the table with a river through the centre and the allied forces were pinned on the left bank.

Sauron made an appearance launching fireballs at the Elven defenders on the left bank, the Orc wagon had entered the table but far away from the defenders. The Orcs were attempting to turn the good guys flank.

The Warg riders were becoming a real pain in the rear, the sneaky riders burst from the deployment point able to appear on the far bank, the Eleven defences were broken before they had a chance to defend the river bank.

Rohan Rangers were thrown into the defence of the hill top but the Wargs were snarling and winding themselves up for a charge. A brief skirmish and the defenders were forced from the ridge.

Not content with driving back the Elves, the Warg riders rounded the house to attack the flank of the Rohan Rangers who had fallen back from the ridge line, lightly armoured they were no match for the aggressive riders.

Help was on hand and a detachment of Rohan riders caught the Orc riders in the rear.

What was left of the Elven defenders were in real trouble bursting out from amongst the snarling fur... was a group of fbeserkers. The Elves were slain where they stood.

Revenge for the fallen Elves, the Warg riders were wiped out. A brief respite. However the berserkers rushed forwards breaking the Gondor Archers. 

All was lost the Riders of Rohan charged into the remaining fanatics to cover the retreat of the retreating human alliance.

The shattered remains of the defenders fall back into the Old Forest.
A bloody affair with the losses of 38 Points to the Human Alliance and 24 points for the forces of Sauron. Another territory falls.


  1. Nice looking gamed again, Stu. Haven't tried these rules, but a few folks here locally were playing it.

    1. Thanks Dean, worth a try and quite adaptable...

  2. Certainly do like your Terrain set up for this Fantasy Game- very good Stuart.

  3. Great game Stu but less so the result!

    1. Very true Steve, but the campaign aspect always makes it a fun encounter.