Monday, November 21, 2011

Perry Miniatures Sudanese Tribesmen - Maghribi Tribesmen

I have a reputation for always picking odd periods and Napoleonics seems to be no different, playing Ottoman Tuks is challanging not only are they quite brittle on the table they are also quite difficult to buy an army straight off the shelf.
I think that tends to be the attraction, I like the fact that I can source from several manufacturers and no two units are the same.

Having been tempted by the latest releases from Perry Miniatures - Plastic Sudanese Tribesman but not really wanting to get drawn into another period....
I figured these chaps could double up as Maghribi Infantrymen for my Ottoman Turk Army.

The Maghribi Tribesmen were described as the most backward and poorest people of the Ottoman empire so they should make great cannon fodder for the Napoloenic Campaign.
Whilst the rifles are far too modern I doubt they will stick around long enough on table for people to notice.
I suspect I will paint the remainder up as Nile Arabs just in case I end up trying out the Sudan....





  1. These have turned out well. Not tried plastics yet but heard good things, particularly about the Perrys. splendid looking buildings in the background too.

  2. Really nice work Stuart. Like the basing.