Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ottoman Janissaries in Egypt 1798

Club night tonight and as usual players are lining up to have a crack at the Ottoman Turks. However I have been busy over the Easter break and have completed my first unit of Janissaries to bolster the Ottoman Egyptian forces.

The figures are from the Assault Group Renaissance range, I have copied the uniform details from Charles Grant's Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt. The plate describes the uniform of a standard bearer, based upon from the information of Colonel Elting.
The figures from TAG are perhaps a little to early and in future units I might consider removing the plumes, but these will serve as an elite unit and bolster my foot forces which is largely made up of what is called in polite circles rabble.


You can read about how they perform in the coming days, over at the newly launched Wyvern Wargmers shiny new website, formerly the Evesham Wargames club, we have been going through a make over recently to grow our club membership.

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