Saturday, November 12, 2016

The French Reinforcements on there way.

After a number of false starts and minor distractions the French have reached the paint table.
Over recent weeks I have been re-organising and infilling Ottomans for Sharp Practice, but what I have been lacking is the French in any real numbers, but having put them off for several weeks I have finally dipped a brush to get these started.

I am not really sure what the delay was due to, was it the fact that  I tend to paint in batches of 10's and the thought of painting over 40 standard Infantry plus supports and extras could be, well a little bit on the dull side.
Or that Napoleonic's seems to attract gamers with an eye for detail more so than perhaps WW2 or Colonial gaming so does a little bit of peer pressure sneak in?

I considered initially with going for regular French of 1798 period but the most recent releases from Perry Miniatures forced my hand so I opted for those dressed in the Kleber Ordinance which gives me the option of using the troops in Syria and beyond.

The Kleber uniform also allows me to mix and match the colours given that the fabrics were having to be sourced locally due to the strangle hold the British and Ottoman fleets held over Napoleon in Egypt.

I don't profess to be an expert in the uniforms of the Napoleonic period  so based the first test figure on the Osprey plate of the 21st Demi-Brigade Legere and the sample plate from which gave the sort of feel I was after.

Image result for osprey french in egypt

Line infantry, half Brigade – Glorious Empires:

From what I have read the 21st DBL drew in various replacements as the campaign wore on including Coptics and Negro Slaves from Abyssina so plenty of scope to bolt on additional elements in true Sharp Practice style.

The first test miniature is complete and this gives me a template to work to over the coming weeks.
My plan is to retain the tunics but to mix and match the trousers mixing in white, blue and the occasion brown and creams to give that campaign feel.

I just need to crack on now and not be distracted.


  1. It will be good to see this unit progress Stu, got to love Naps 😉.
    Regards Gav.

    1. I don't know how you do it buddy unit after unit :-)

  2. The test miniature looks great to me. Colours tend to fade very quickly when exposed to the African sun, then add in dust, wear and tear etc and you have wonderful variety in terms of the look of units etc.

    1. That was the plan Steve, I just need to nail the core force for the French :-)