Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Rescue of Lu Whey - A Dragon Rampant Scenario - Part 1

The setting for tonights - Dragon Rampant outing using the Heroes of Liang Shan Po.

Shih Chin's wife has been held hostage by the evil Kao Chau in an effort to keep him from joining the rebels at Liang Shan Po. Our heroes have received news that Lu whey is being held hostage in a house several miles from the capital but she is soon to be escorted under military escort to the Capital.

If our heroes are to free her it must be now...
Can they rescue Lu Whey?
Will Kao Chau whisk her away to the capital.
Will the newly painted flame throwers make it to the table?

Stay tuned Water Margin Fans...

Scenario Notes.
Kao Chau and his prisoner escort start in the North East corner of the table they must cross the table and exit Lu Whey off the South West corner of the table. Our heroes can deploy in the South East or North West corners or both. They must free Lu Whey by beating her escort unit in combat and return to the home of Shih Chin.


  1. Sounds like it is going to be a blast, can't wait to see how the flame throwers get on.

  2. Cracking miniatures and paintwork. I didn't know they had man-portable flamethrowers before seeing the figures.
    Are you to be a Hammerhead with The Water Margin, again, this year? Not so much an enquiry to play (unless you force me too), but I will pop over and take a good look if you're there.

    1. Nor me Roy, but a sort of must have purchase. We are running a Zulu game at Hammerhead this year - shame I am still trying to shift the fortune cookies... Happy to bring some a long if you want a closer look.
      We were thinking about having an Osprey Club Event in the coming months which could get more people along.

    2. If I'm at Hammerhead I'll make a point of popping over to say hello. There's no need to bring anything especially for me, though thank you for the offer.

      Unfortunately you're too far away for me to visit The Wyvern Wargamers. I would have popped along if I was closer.

  3. They look great, superb figures!

  4. I just love those flamethrowers and hope they make it onto the table for the game. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end though...

    1. Not quite man portable, but I have an idea for a scenario just for those boxes of joy :-)