Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday morning round up.

Somewhat late in posting I thought I would kick off the Saturday morning update with the Salute Loot. Rather restrained this year, but there seemed little point in adding to the lead pile when painting time has been so thin lately, however some good additions to the terrian stock first of which are some new palm trees from from the guys at

All hand made, I do need to file down or cover the underside as the mountings are not quite flush with the base in some cases. But they give a far better feel for the desert table and will cross over into any of the jungle settings which seems to be creeping into the projects of late.

I picked up a couple of swamps and Marshes from
They need some extra flock to compliment the ones I have already enhanced and will help fill out the games table for Ghost Archipelago.

Shrine Pack

Not technically a Salute purchase but when I aged another year the kids brought me the Shrine Pack from.
A great addition to the Russo-Japanese or Water Margin Project, over time I will base it up to match the existing collection.

On the figures front I picked up some additional cavalry for the the Haiti project together with a 4 Pdr for the French or Free Army with a few head swaps. Together with a company of Regulars, when I will get to these who knows?
I was pleased to hear that there are plans afoot to increase the range for Haiti with a pack of slaves with pike's, Spanish command packs and some Haitian personalities. No details on when but it sounds promising.

Hammerhead next weekend and the Wyverns are putting on a Flash Gordon game using the forthcoming Star Eagles rules from Ganesha Games, a kickerstarter project now several months behind. A quick and simple ruleset using the SOBH rule mechanism, as a backer of the project I have a draft rule set and they should be perfect for a number of short 45 minute games.

If you are around next Saturday stop by for a natter and stop Ming and his evil plans.


  1. You did rather well stuart. Not heard of Emperor Toad's Emporium, fabulous palm stands.

  2. Well done, great job on on these!

  3. Fab selection of purchases. Trees are on my list to do this year, especially more so with a new project I started recently. I need some larger one so will make a note as I think I shall just buy a few sets rather than trying to pick up bits and do my own.

    1. That's what I thought Simon, it's so easy to put off buying stuff like this but they do make such a difference to the table top.