Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fantasy Old and New.

It's been a strange couple of weeks, I had great plans to crack on with some extra's for the Haiti project but the hot weather has made that rather difficult, with the paint drying before it had barely touched the figures.. so a chance to go adventuring instead.

First up something new - The first outing of Zombicide Green Horde.

I am a fan of Black Plague but have to say for me Green Horde is a step to far, I can see why it will appeal to the diehard fan, but it is to gimicky for me, Bowie, Freddie and Jimmy as adventurers right through to the super Zombie Dragons who look great as models but fill the table and unbalance the game play.

I am sure many will be happy with this latest release after all who does not want to fire a trebuchet at Zombies but in it's attempt to add in a raft of extra zombies its lost some of it's initial fear factor and sense of pending doom as the zombies at the door build up and you creep about in doors looking for an alternative exit.

The quality of workmanship is fantastic and with more spare time would love to paint up the mini's but in the attempt to supercharge Zombicide Black Plague something has been lost along the way.
Let's see what Zombicide in space brings.....

Then back after a gap of only 30 years.
D&D Basic - The famous Red Box is back.
I have not played D&D since school and was persuaded to take part in adventure last Sunday, flicking back through the rule book, OK PDF brought back some great memories.... I opted for a Level 1 Cleric and joined Dwarf and Human fighters to clear the guard house which had been taken over by Skaven.

Paul had done a great job of turning the rooms into physical terrain, which added to the adventure as we cleared the barracks and tunnels looking for the Were Rat leader...

A very different experience to slash and cut of Zombicide and a far more relaxed afternoon where you had to really use your grey matter to avoid the cunning traps of the dungeon master.... Great fun.


  1. We are enjoying Green Horde, but we have been careful not to throw all the extras at it straight away. One thing we learnt from Black Plague was that some of the stretch goal characters could break the game so we started off with core box only.

    1. Despite my moans it is one of the best co-op games out there, fund for all the family, even if the teenagers run off leaving the old folk to fight off the hordes, whilst the kids steal all the treasure...

    2. Oh how very true, on all counts. :D

  2. Yeah it a shame when certain additions are a bit to OP. Perhaps restrict them for one off games.

    DnD tile looks great!

    1. I can't take the credit on those, but they do make the game come to life..