Sunday, June 17, 2018

Uncharted Seas..... Back from the depths...

These have been in the back of the cupboard for so long that they have been completely redesigned by Warcradle Studios when they acquired the rights from Spartan Games. Still it's nice to get this lot finished and be available for gaming even if they only come out once in a while.

First up a couple of Shroud Mages - Tormentor Class Heavy Cruisers.
According to the blurb. The Tormentor Class Heavy Cruiser is an aptly named piece of dark machinery. Its guaranteed extra speed, improved firepower and ramming ability over a standard cruiser make it a terror for any opposing commander to face.

I also finished the Flagship which is quite a beast, plenty of guns on the port and starboard sides and a couple of turrets for when you can't get the angle you need. 

Also off the production line are a couple of extra's from Peter Pig's ACW range, I figured these would come in handy for transports or prizes to be seized, they fitted the general theme of the Shroud Mages, I just need to create some stats for them.

Whilst moving stuff around I also came across these torpedo boats, which will come in handy again they are in need of a couple of house rules, but they took no time at all to paint and wash, once I had sculpted the bases.

They do look rather good when compared to the Flagship. I am really not sure how much staying power they will have on the table.

Given the time lag between painting the the first starter pack and the new batch I am pretty pleased with the colour match. I had to mix up a bronze colour to match the central boiler unit on the ships, the original Dwarf Bronze had long since dried up.... but the new mix came up rather well and a coat of Matt Varnish should tie them in perfectly.

Looking forward to tonight - Now all I need to do is find the rules....


  1. Very impressive Stu. I love the look of this sort of stuff, but naval games just don't float my boat, if you'll excuse the pun!

    1. I understand Steve, for me it sort of ticks the box of sea/air - 4-5 elements moving round an empty board... :-)
      The benefits/curse of a club with multiple interests :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, time to roll out the guns...

  3. The rules used to be available as a download, and I think the link is preserved now Warcradle has taken over the Spartan site.
    Just checked, full rulebook is here on Spartans website which is still running

    1. May I have a humble request? Could you send me the Uncharted Seas rulebook? It's not available anymore.