Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Pearl of the Antilles - Haitian Revolution AAR #6 Crossing the border.

The last game of 2018 so why not finish with a multi-sided affair which sees the Haitian loyalists crossing the border into Santo Domingo to attack the plantations.

The Spanish had cobbled together a scratch force to defend the main house, knowing that an attack was coming.

Many of the local women folk had gathered on the front porch including Lady Jane Beufort an English lady and wife of the Spanish land owner Migel Vega a nasty piece of work of owner of many slaves.

The Spanish had a Squadron of cavalry who were itching to put down the revolt once and for all, they mustered at the forge looking for a chance to take the fight to the insurgents.

Rushing out of the barn the first of the escaped slaves pushed forwards towards the defenders.
Their shaman urged them forwards. They had one mission kill Migel Vega nothing else mattered.

Fearing that Lady Jane would be harmed by revolt the English had sent a detachment from a ship of the line to cross into Spanish territory to rescue her, they had ordered to stop anyone who got in there way. With neither the Spanish or English making any agressive moves towards each other they united in defending against a common foe.

As the colonial powers plotted to defeat the uprising and whisk Lady Jane away, the slaves pressed on with their attack moving towards the main house and seeking out Vega.

Vega had been commanding his hounds supported by the plantation militia who had been occupying the upstairs of the main house and had been keeping the attackers at bay when by twist of fate having triggered a firing event, let loose a volley and rushed out to meet the Haitian loyalists.

Thinking the cowardly slaves were running scared the Spanish were surprised when the Slaves fell back and ignored them, they had a greater prize in their sights Vega had been stripped of many his dog handlers as the remaining hound fell back, Vega ran to join the victorious skirmish unit but was caught in the open and swamped by the insurgents.... Game over.

A cracking way to finish the year and a good introduction to a couple of new club members.
Finally a long break over Christmas a chance to get back on the brushes which have been lacking in recent months and a push to get some of the core forces complete before the launch of the campaign proper in Jan 2019.


  1. Looks like a fun game and with a very PC ending - nasty, horrible slave owning colonist is overpowered by the righteous oppressed workers!

  2. A fine way to end the year gaming, Stu! Lovely troops, terrain and most-exciting scenario.

  3. Great game and nice to see you having some painting time over the Xmas break:).