Friday, January 25, 2019

French Regulars make an appearance.

Well the campaign has certainly had the desired effect on the painting front with the first major unit off the paint table in 2019. Up until now many of the troops have been native to Haiti so time to bring one republican forces, I am working my way through the round hats but these will suffice to bolster a number of factions in play.

Made up of a number of packs from Trent Miniatures Revolutionary range they are a rag tag bunch but will give the Haitian loyalists and Slave armies someone to chase round the table.

I have added in a couple of head swaps to add in some Mulatto's or Black troops to allow me to use them in more nationalist settings. I would have liked to have done a few more but a large number of the revolutionary french have flowing locks which make it difficult to make a clean head swap.

But a smattering of native troops could be used as freemen or troops drafted in to bolster the ranks.
I have included a Haitian Army regular soldier as comparison.

They still need varnishing when the temperature is right and some extra flocking but not a bad start to the painting campaign.
Next up the return of some old favourites....


  1. Nice job Stu. Look forward to the next instalment and the "old favourites!"

    1. That's RR there is some dusting down of old collections raking place, it's about time some of these got table time.

  2. Really nice feel to this unit and nice to see some local support drafted in to bolster the ranks:)

  3. Excellent looking figures Stuart.

  4. Good brushwork Stu.
    Smart looking figures.
    Like the different base shapes for leader types.
    Looking forward to seeing them in action.

    1. Just got to watch tat curse Captain you know what they say about new paints...