Monday, March 04, 2019

The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Four - 4th August 1791

Another day draws to a close and the political factions edge ever closer to open conflict, several hot spots are starting to open up across the island and whilst there is open communications between the factions you can't help but think no one really trusts one another.

Haiti the Pearl of the Antillies with all the various factions and their known troop concentrations. However many of the local towns and villages now have local garrisons hidden across their territory. These will provide the defenders with 20 support points should they be attacked and a source of reinforcements at the end of the week.

In the south of the Island the village of Kescoff has become the area of focus, high on the mountain top it is now firmly in Mulatto control however Republican troops can be seen growing in number in the foot hills. 
Republican troops continue to send out patrols into the local area securing supplies and fodder for their troops, one such patrol stumbles upon a diplomatic pouch which is taken directly to Sonthonax. It's owner is unknown, Sonthonax calls for a translator to read the dispatch.

Meanwhile to the West a new player comes into focus, the British under General Maitland begin there push down the Western spur. With Haitian loyalist and Free blacks to their front and flank they will have to be careful about how they plan for the days ahead.

In the North of the Island things are rather tight, the Spanish under Joaquín Moreno have reached the border of the Slave Territory of Princess  Amethyste whose followers can be seen blocking the approaches to Ferrier as the Spanish mass for assault.

Meanwhile the Royalist flag flies over the wooden stockade at Bahon, looking over the open ground towards the wooded hillside troops belonging to Dutty Boukman can be seen moving out of musket and cannon range they appear to be growing in number.
Boukman continues to seek supplies from his local area gaining 5 sacks but losing one due to his prescence in Royalist territory.
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Despite the heat of August the occasional down pour can play havoc with your supply lines and one such tropical storm catches the Royalist forces spoiling their black powder supplies and limiting their firing ability tomorrow. It must be voodoo or the like....

Meanwhile Haitian Loyalists under Toussaint Louverture push ever closer to the borders of the Royalists and the territory of Baissou and his revolting slaves. He continues see his supplies being under pressure with rats destroying another sack from the warehouse and store rooms.


Meanwhile from the slave infested coast Baissou freed slaves spots sails on the horizon from several small fishing boats edging along the coast line, they are several in number and through his spy glass can make out armed men and sailors they fly the Royalist flag.

New orders are due next week and we could see our first flash point.
There are a couple of Pbem factions available if anyone is interested, drop me a note in the comments.

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  1. Great stuff Stu - the build up is very suspenseful and lots of quirky little details in there - which faction will be first into action I wonder?

  2. Good narrative, like the way you're developing this campaign...