Sunday, March 17, 2019

Crooked Dice - "Alien Invaders" - V is for Visitors

Well that was fun...
Being a child of the 80's how could I resist... for those a little younger, V was a Sci-fi Mini Series from the early 80's where aliens or "Visitors" arrived on earth to steal our water and farm us for food. They looked like humans but were in fact reptiles - who knew :-)

Crooked Dice have done a great job with their latest alien releases - they bear a great similarity to the Visitors of the 80's mini series.

Wonderful sculpts and a great selection of iconic characters from the series. My biggest challenge was finding a colour that matched the TV show, it was a off an orange/red colour which can be tricky to replicate as it could very easily turn into bright red. But I am really happy with how these have turned out.

A present there are only 8 separate figures in the range, but I have a couple of head swaps planned to bolster the Visitor contingent and give me some additional security troops.

Brian - Leader of the Friends of the Vistors together with a couple of distinctive shock troopers.

A couple of Visitor Engineers armed with laser pistols and wearing their distinctive glasses.


Finally the Visitor leadership, Lydia (L) - Head of Security and arch rival of Diana (C) who started out as the Second in Command before replacing John (R) as the Supreme Commander.

Looking forward to giving these a roll out one evening,with plenty of modern and civilian types boxed away it should make for a fun game.

The Green Street Boyz defend their turf from a Vistior raid.

The guys from Crooked Dice tell me that resistance and spare heads are planned together with maybe a Shuttle Craft so who knows where this might end up, but they were certainly fun to paint up.


  1. They made later remake of this series, however I never seen the 80's version. Love your figures.

    1. The 80's was far better, but I then I would say that :-)

  2. You got these guys painted in double quick time - I did not realise one of the figures was Lydia until seeing her painted

    1. I think there was a Barbara who looked similar, hell all Lizards look the same :-)

  3. Very nice work......very 1980’s 🙂