Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tablescape Spanish Buildings.

With the first game under our belt in the campaign, I thought I would splash out on some buildings for the battles to come.
I do dislike painting buildings so these ready painted pieces from the guys at Tablescape are perfect.

They needed a little bit of work as they can appear a little on the bland side on mass, so spent the morning painting the doors and windows. These brings them to life and gives a little more variety to the town.

Longer term I plan on basing a number of them to give me some walled gardens, but these are ready for the tabletop.

Right back to the brushes....


  1. Some nice buildings there:). I actually enjoy painting buildings etc as it's something different from figures etc.

  2. Lovely looking buildings 😀

  3. These are very nice and will have many applications - Haiti, the Iberian Peninsula, Italy or any other part of Southern Europe - and all across two or three centuries!

  4. I've looked at these loads of times at shows. One day they will all be mine too!!!