Saturday, September 23, 2023

Silver Bayonet - Dead Man's Farm.

How annoying.... Claude has gone AWOL.... 

Somewhere in one of the numerous boxes is a French faction for Silver Bayonet now I will have to send a day hunting down these lead warriors. Like many a wargamer high time I reorganised the boxes to ensure 'stuff' does not go missing again. Fortunately the body doubles will be a suitable stand in.... 

Dead Man's farm.. Hidden amongst the 5 markers is an artefact, standing in the way is a bunch of Revenants... The mission - Get in, find it and escape off table..... simple.

The problem, both the English, French and Spanish all wanted it.... The Spanish tried the direct approach taking an axe to the courtyard door.

The British readied themselves for action, despite all the dead around them they came looking for a fight.... 

The French took up a defensive posture watching the Spanish knock on the door. 

Without warning the British attackers fired on the French, forcing them to fire back in self defence. 

Meanwhile the Spanish had under estimated the cadavers charging in they took down several of the undead but they lost half their number, but on the turn of the first card found the artefact and only had to make it off the table.

To late the French and British realised they had a more important goal and chased after the men of Spain.. but the Spanish nipped through the main gate, side stepped a couple more dead soldiers and were away...

My apologies to the British commander for the bias within the report.... But you did fire first... :-)
A fun encounter with three waring parties, the rain storm mid-game made shooting less effective forcing everyone to use steel...

Next up the Troll Bridge......


  1. Looked like a fun little game - bloody Spaniards though, sneaking off with the prize - aren't they supposed to be allied to the Brits??

    1. I had my concerns as the valiant French player I would be picked upon...

  2. Looked a great game. I do like the Silver Bayonet figures.

    1. SB always gives a good nights gaming and agreed the figures are lovely.

  3. Lovely looking game even if Monsieur Claude was AWOL!

    1. The hunt is on..... For the one true Claude :-)