Friday, October 27, 2023

Commonwealth Support Elements - Bolt Action

How time flies...

I put these together back in July, but it's taken a couple of months to get these to the front of the paint queue. All models from Warlord Games.

First up, the ever reliable Boyes Anti-Tank Rifle, a mix of head gear gives the Commonwealth chaps a little extra to stop the enemy armour. 

A touch of kit bashing with Afrika Korps Arms on Bitish bodies, do you really need a map reader for a 2" mortar? - But he will double up as an FAO when required.

How the heavy stuff, mounted on single bases with a sabot for kills.

A 3'inch Mortar with the troopers in shorts only, it's hot work manning a mortar in the desert.

The 2 pdr AT Gun is a great kit the Quick Firing weapon was pretty good at blunting the early war German and Italian Armour.

Bring on the Germans....


  1. Cracking stuff there Stu! I was just pondering some early Western Desert forces this evening, after seeing yours and Paul's desert based games at the CWD.

  2. Nice additions to the collection Stu - I particularly like the little 2lg AT and also the map reading FOO!

    1. Thanks Keith I just hope the 2 Pdr can last the course on the table top.