Saturday, September 03, 2011

Anglo - Zulu War - Frontier Horse

With the Evesham All Dayer a few weeks away, the Colonial Forces need a few extra's to protect them from the Zulu hordes... Looking over the paint table over the last few days and I seem to have very little left that needs completing until of course some thing new comes out (Warlord Plastic Zulu's anyone?)

Recent new recruits for the Crown include the following.

Frontier Horse

I completed the mounted figures several months ago, but Foundry did not produce a dismounted version, as we are going for the concept that less is more. I thought I would produce some foot versions, the figures are made up of Empress Boers with Zulu Heads and a couple of figures from Northstar and their Africa Range.



British Characters

As we are using the Too Fat Lardies Rules where the use of officers or Big Men become important, I have painted up the lead character Ferguson, however in the most recent game he was "killed" - I say killed more likely left for dead in true Hollywood fashion I may have to use the wounded officer from Black Tree Designs.


Zulu Dead.

You can never have enough dead Zulu's so the British commanders tell me, I had a bunch of dead figures from Black Tree so I thought I would paint them up as they are almost the last of Lead Zulu Mountain.
I also finished off a couple of the Foundry characters that were left over.


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