Saturday, August 27, 2011

Milam County goes to war.....

Next week at the Evesham Club see's another outing for my ACW forces. Using Sharp Practice from the Lardies. A number of us agreed to paint up a company each and test them in battle.
The first few engagements resulted in the Rebel forces being forced from the table, but they inflicted a greater number of casualties on the union forces.

Next week see's another encounter against the 76th New York.
They have been weakened by recent games but they have improved their musket skills which could make next weeks game very interesting.

First up is 'E' Coy Milam County Guards - 4th Texas Cavalry under Lt Buckholt

Next up Company G "Milam County Grays", 5th Texas Infantry under the joint command of Captain John W Story & Capt J.C. Rogers

AAR to follow.


  1. Excellent Painting! Small point, it was Bucholtz with a Z He was a very effective officer promoted to Captain, Killed in action at Glorietta leading a foot charge.


    D.L. Combs
    Col USMC Ret

    1. Many thanks for your correction, will change my notes to ensure he is given due recognition in future games.

  2. I've been a 25/28mm Metal US Civil War War Gamer, converter, sculptor painter for over 40 years. You "Folk" on that side of the pond have superb websites, appreciation for the hobby. Your discussions present good ideas, interesting sidebars and entertainment . Please keep it up

    D.L. Combs, Tama Florida

    P.s Did a lot of work with Royal Marines over the years, Great Marines!