Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elizabethan Wars - A Spanish Raid

Is it the same with all Wargamers you just can't get the stuff painted and on the table quick enough before the next idea jumps the queue?
I have been itching to try out the Pike Shot and Zombie Rules for several weeks but needed to complete a number of other items on lead mountain first. Any how the first batch of Wargames Foundry Elizabethan figures are complete and and with my new PMC Buildings unused who could resist a quick Tuesday evenings gaming.

I shall be running a participation game at the Evesham Wargames Club on Sunday and wanted to be sure I had the mechanics sorted, There is nothing more frustrating than watching an umpire wade through 3 trees of rule books to find one minor rule, I would rather roll a D6 and get on with it.

Having just finished Harry Turtledoves Ruled Britannia the perfect Scenario presented it's self.
Have a dozen figures a side should allow us to test the Hand to Hand and Shooting Rules

Daniel Fanshaw peir into the dawn mist, anchored in the bay were 3 Spanish galley's. He turned to Henry Milton "light the beacon" the spanish are here.
The invasion rumours had been circulating for several months about a Catholic invasion, it appears it was true.

Daniel and his men headed for the main road he needed to get a message to the local garrison the train bands would need to be turned out. He had gone but 3 leagues when his mount had thrown a shoe and his party was forced to stop in the Hamlet of Much Henning to seek the aid of the local farrier.


As our heroes are waiting for the Blacksmith to complete his work, they are surrounded by an advance party of Spanish, They must protect their horses and drive off the Spanish invaders, before continuing on their journey.

Fanshaw and Milton discuss their options.

The Advance party of Spanish advance up the main track into Much Henning, armed with Caliver and Sword they are  come into sight of the blacksmiths, Fanshaw and Milton hug the wall of the farm house waiting for the right time to strike, mean while William Cornish exchanges fire with a one of the invaders.

 A sceond party of Spanish emerge from the fields, the English are now out numbered 1-2-1, it's going to be a long morning.

The English strike, Cornish fires and misses and the Spanish Officer engages him in hand to hand contact, whilst Fanshaw and Milton cross blades with the nearest Spaniard.

As cool as you like Cornish sets back from the melee and first point blank into the Spanish Officers chest, his brest plate was not enough to save him, Elsewhere Fanshaw hacks down the second Spaniard but not before he takes a wound reducing his life points to 3...... The English turn to face the newest threat, the 2nd Group of Invaders has reached the village.

Spanish Calivers continue to harsh the combatants, but to no effect.

The English Calviers poor fire into the Spanish and a 3rd Invader is brought down.

With their number down to 50% the Spanish flee the table. Allowing Fanshaw to shoe is horse and continue on his journey to riase the alarm.

Our Band of Heroes, Fanshaw, Milton, Miller and Cornish


  1. That's a great report on a tense little scrap. Extra points for an unusual period and a lovely looking table, plus extra bonus points for some lovely looking figs. Bravo.
    So was this using the Pike and Shot Zombie rules or some other system? And thank you, from gamers everywhere, for getting yourself sorted out as GM before the game.

  2. Yes using Pike Shot And Zombie, the NPC's had the same stats and only one life point which speeds up te game play.
    Nothing like the 7 p's to keep the game flowing.

  3. This looks like seriously good fun! I must also track down some of the Turtledove literature.