Saturday, March 24, 2012

What to do when technology fails...

So no PC and no time to paint, I thought I would use the time to catch up on the growing pile of books on the Wargames Shelf. 

One of the books which reached the top of the pile was Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove, I have read a lot of his stuff over the years with novels set in an alternative future based around historical events, ACW, WW2
This one is no different but transports the reader back to Elizabethan England.

The year is 1597. For nine years Britain has been under the rule of King Philip of Spain after his Armada had successfully landed in Britian and deposed Queen Elizabeth.
Philip rules with a rod of Iron and the English live in fear of the Inquisition.
After nearly a decade of foreign rule the English are looking to launch a rebellion against Spanish rule and free Queen Elizabeth from the Tower. 
They look to use the playwright William Shakespeare to fan the flames of rebellion.

The story is told from the view point of William Shakespeare and from the Spanish standpoint a character called Lope de Vega.
In Turtledoves usual style he inserts a number of historical characters into the text, such as Lord Burghley and the actor Richard Burbage. The novel is written in the Elizabethan style which adds some character to the novel and gives a real feel for the period.

I can see a number of scenario's spring from this text and started me off with ideas for a whole new period..... This hobby can be so frustrating at times.


  1. A character called Lope de Vega... Man, Lope de Vega is to Spain what Shakespeare is to England.

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  3. Emilo It's one of the failings of Turtledove, swapping real life characters for the real life figures from history.... In the Great War Series.. The lead Character Featherson is very simialar to a certain German dictator.

  4. Thanks Stuart. I shall have to look out for this one. The other alternative history/fiction from the Elizabethan periods which I really enjoyed was "Gloriana" by Michael Moorcock - more fiction than history, but very beautifully written. Cheers!