Sunday, July 08, 2012

Squad Leader in Miniature

According to Wikipedia Old Skool is anything with a vintage of at least a generation (20 years or so) so I guess last club night over at Wyvern Wargamers saw a return to Old Skool War gaming.

Dane put on his project to convert Squad Leader from Board Game to Table top, using the excellent Hexon Terrain from Kallistra.

I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable games for quite a while, most of my gaming over recent years has been large scale skirmish, this was a return to companies of Infantry and squadron's of tanks sweeping across the battle field.... 

The setting Russia 1943, the German's are holed up in a Village awaiting the Russian onslaught, they must defend the village and retain ownership of the Church by the end of the night. The German Command was made up of a two companies of Infantry and a Company of STUG III's facing off against 3 or 4 companies of T34's and at least a battalion of Russians.... If I am honest I did not have a clue their was just a lot of them....

 The German STUG Coy deploy on the outskirts of the village, with the Infantry hidden amongst the buildings awaiting the Russian's too come into sight.

The Russian's advance on table the armour pushing out in front and the Infantry rushing to keep up.

Turn 2 First Blood to the German's as a T34 is destroyed attempting to sweep around the left flank of the village, but it is not long before it's supporting armour defeats the lone STUG.

Turn 3 and the battle is not going well for the German's the Russian armour is being traded at a rate of 1:1 and the German Infantry is being forced into sight in an effort to pin the advancing Russian foot troops, the White Square house one of the only brick built buildings on table is receiving special attention from the advancing Red's. 
But A Platoon hold firm, backed by a strong leader and a MG42.

A view from the German lines, with the Alamo to the left of the picture, it's strong walls would prove to be a real hindrance to the attacking Russians.

I deploy my reserves emerging from the shelter of a large hill, my remaining STUG's engage the Russian armour catching them in the flank, they are able to slow the Russian advance destroying a number of T34's for the loss of one of their own, but are forced back to the safety of the village as the Russian Infantry begin to close.

The Russian Infantry seize the high ground on the right flank, the limited German defenders awaiting the human wave.

On the left flak the Alamo holds firm as the Russian's mount a further attack with Infantry and armour, but they are unable to dislodge the defenders.

The Russian's push through the village and the German's fall back to the second line of defence and forcing the Russian's to ground with sustained HMG fire.

On the left flank the Russian's launch a final attack to drive towards the objective, they suceed in capturing one building but cannot hold it as the German fire forces elements to withdraw.

As the 9.00 pm alarm rings the German's are still in firm control of the village and whilst only 1 STUG remains it's position is such it can block any advance by the Russian armour.
The lack of Officers for the Russian's made rallying troops difficult as casualties began to mount.

I am definately up for more of the same, it's caused me to dust off my own late war collection which has not seen the light of day since the hey days of WRG and will allow other club gamers a chance to use their FOW collection in a very different wargame experience.

Top marks Dane a cracking club night......


  1. Looks like a great way to spend an evening, but I'm slightly alarmed that I have a cardigan that is 'old skool'!

  2. Good batrep and very clever to make Squad Leader more visually appealing by using minis and terrain. I played SL recently after several decades away and I was surprised by how good it was. There are some things about it that I am more critical of than my teenage self was, such as the lack of command and control restrictions (everyone moves exactly how the commander wants) but it's still a pretty good game.
    Thanks for this.