Sunday, July 01, 2012

SAGA - Irish Warband Part 3 Kern

After a 3 week lapse, I am back on track for the SAGA Irish Warband, next up the Kern or Levy's within the SAGA rules, the figures are a mix of Gripping Beast, Irish, Picts & Germans in short anyone with a cloak, together with some Crusader Irish.

My plan is to use these for both SAGA and my Elizabethan Irish project as the style of dress appears not to have changed greatly in 300 hundred years..... 

 My only concern is the shades of yellow used, from much of the research I have done Saffron dye was a prominent colour for the Kern..... but I just need to see how well it transfers to the war games table.


I also finished the dog handlers from Crusader Miniatures, I am not sure how these will play out under the rules, perhaps berserker's without armour?


With the Wyvern Wargames SAGA to Tournament on the 15th September. These should be a fun army to put up.... If you are interested in signing up you can find details here.


  1. They look great and I cant wait for the Irish to be released for Saga

  2. Very nice painting!!, love the Wolfhounds!!

  3. Great stuff! The wolfhounds are really appealing

  4. Very nicely done, love the way the colour links the unit together.

  5. Nice work Stu. Dark Age Irish one of my favourite armies of the period I never had!

  6. That was my thought too: even though the figures aren't painted the same way, they look like they belong to the same "unit".

  7. Thanks Chaps for your comments, next up Cavalry..