Sunday, July 29, 2012

Elizabethan Zombie Wars - Escape from Littleham

The Black Death had reached the village of Littleham, the Watchmen and Death Cart Labourers had done their best, but their were simply too many victims and then they began to rise from their shrouds and the village Plague Pits.

The militia from nearby Oakley resolved to torch the village to protect their own homes from the 'undone' who were now walking the streets, the plan was simple approach the village from the south and exit the village from the North, burning all infected homes they found marked with the Red Cross.

Things started badly for the militia as they entered the village, two corpses burst from the  barn where they had been feeding on the live stock and attacked the militia.

One of the trained band is struck down by the once living, whilst the other foul beast is killed by the captain leading the militia.

The early exchange only serves to attract move of the undead, this is made worse as the living players whose confidence is shaken by the first exchange decides that firearms would be a great way to slow the advancing zombies.

The boom of cavalier fire only serves to attract more of the shambling dead.

Surrounded on all sides the militia are forced to fight their way out, but forcing the undead from hand to hand proves to be difficult as the continuous fighting causes more of the dead to be drawn into the fight. The Oakley militia start to become fragmented as some break free of the melee whilst others are pinned by the growing horde.

One group of veteran's decides to break off from the melee and seek a way through the village leaving their colleagues to mop up :-) ????

Whilst the militia inflict untold casualties on the undead they begin to suffer casualties themselves with several of their party brought down in the street.

The militia split into several groups their morale shattered, each group seeking the Northern table edge via their own route.


Morris Eldecote is unable to shake off this initial attacker and is soon swamped by the undead's tearing hands, he is brought down, but his sacrifice provides breathing space for his comrades to become out of sight to many of the undead.

Splitter groups of the militia seek to pick their way through the village.

Meanwhile at the Northern end of the village the first group of militia reach the blockade, they have successfully avoided contact with the undead and now only have to  clear the barricade.
A solitary zombie shambles towards them, but is unable to breach the defences to get to the living.

The group successfully clear the barricade and engage in hand to hand with the zombies on the other side, they won't make the same mistake as their colleagues by engaging in a fire fight.
Big Red fails his agility roll and struggles to clear the barricade, his efforts attract the undead from a darkened alley who advance towards him.

After several rounds of hand to hand Red is finally able to clear the defences and flee the table, whilst the zombies are distracted feeding on one of the escapees.


Meanwhile the  survivors of the initial encounter scale the wall of the farm complex and seek a place to regroup before fleeing the village.

A cracking fun game played in under two hours, with players sticking together until the pressure was on them.... just what you want for an afternoon's gaming.


  1. Fab stuff!

    I love the shot of Morris Eldecote in his final brave moments!


  2. Brilliant and fantastic terrain. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Wonderfully and original, bravo

  4. That's very nice; lovely setting and nice models! I take it that there were a number of players? It's always so much more fun when "allies" start to lose cohesion and it's every man for himself!

    1. There sure were, 3 Living players all with their own ideas on how to survive. :-)

  5. Absolutely blooming marvellous! I just love this set; the table miniatures and game are quite inspirational.

  6. A very different report, great work!!

  7. Very good report. Just shows you can throw zombies in at any period ;-)
    What were the rules used?

  8. Thanks guy's.
    In the main we used Ed's ATZ rules, however we introduced the arrival point rules from the Pike Shot & Zombie rules together with their event cards to introduce random events.