Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wyvern Wargamers Saga Day 15th September

Last Saturday saw my club the Wyvern Wargamers hold our first ever Tournament, the intention was to raise the profile of the club and grab a few more members to boot, we had been planning the event for a number of months and I am pleased to report the event went without a hitch.

22 players from as far a field as Manchester and Leicester a generous amount of prizes kindly donated by Gripping Beast. The fantastic benefits of having a great manufacturer only 5 miles from your club.....

Unfortunately not to many photo's it was that intense.....

The Hall Just before kick off.

I must be honest I was a little apprehensive at the thought of running and playing in a  tournament, the hobby has always been a casual past time and not one to be taken to seriously in terms of game playing.
As Rich Clarke over at Too Fat Lardies says - Play the period not the rules....

However I was pleasantly surprised, a great bunch of fellow gamers, no massive ego's, players willing to help out us newbies and the mutual appreciation of other gamers....

I had opted for a Welsh Army under the Saga Rules albeit they will be Irish when the next supplement is released.

Game 1 Viking vs Welsh

Battle at the ford.

A lesson in Saga.
I bloody hope the rest of the day was not going to be like this, Matt a cracking fellow who later went on to win the tournament gave me some valuable lessons in Saga, I have always tried to move the army on mass spreading the Saga dice across the force, he loaded the battle board with dice and applied them to one single unit applying several heavy blows with I could not recover from.
He was aggressive often ignoring the likelihood of picking up fatigue to ensure he could strike winning blow.
A great introduction to how the game should be played and a reminder to all don't try to play like a Viking when you are a Welshman...

Game 2 Viking vs Welsh
The Escort

Yet more Vikings, this was a lot closer, I managed to use the Welsh Javelin ability to better effect thinning a couple of Warrior and Berserker units before they got to close.
I still got caught again with aggressive movement by the Vikings running down my cavalry and wiping them out thanks to the Vikings Valhalla ability.
Thanks Sam another lesson lean't - keep at least 2 Medium moves away from Vikings...

I did however manage to sneak a wagon away, which must be the first time ever and learn't the true value of the "Children of the Land" ability for the Welsh.

Paul's excellent new Baggage

Game 3 Scots vs Welsh
Clash of Warlords

My best game of the day, sorry Mike..... I did feel a little bad about this engagement, I used the Welsh to their best effect moving, shooting and moving away again, each time knocking down a few Scots each time, bloody frustrating for the slow moving Scots.
When the Scots did close I had saved the "Strength in Numbers" ability which gave me advantage in the melee.

My Javelin armed Levy in action.

Game 4 Anglo Danes vs Welsh.
The Challenge

The last game of the day.
The Anglo Danes - tricky little buggers, the terrain layout did not suit my terrain hugging, Javelin throwing war band and the constant increase in Fatigue slowed my supporting units to mere observers.
In the end the Danes won the slug fest in the center of the field.

John's Anglo Danes.

Mike Hobbs was on hand lunch time top give us an insight into the future of SAGA there is  some great stuff on the horizon over the next couple of years.

A cracking days gaming and certainly something as club we shall be doing again...
Coming 6th out of 22 was not back either...


  1. Still sounds like a lot of fun Stuart. Really like the photos.

  2. Stu no worries a few reinforcements on the way for the scots.... mounted troops and archers which will hopefully allow me some variation in play.


    1. Sounds like a 6 pt rematch then ???

  3. Absolutely bud, but i would like to wait until they are all painted.