Sunday, September 09, 2012

Renedra Wattle Fencing

Just 6 more cavlary to go before next weeks Saga outing but a days gardening has put paid to any detail work this weekend due to the curse of blisters, still I thought I would turn my attention to the Renedra Wattle which I picked up at Reading last year.

The original intention was to base the fences in 6" strips but I opted for a complete enclosure as I had some MDF sheets to hand. 

Having mapped out the fencing pattern, I glued the fencing to the board and once dry filled the enclosure with filler before creating plough lines.
A liberal coating of brown undercoat and the field is ready for dry brushing and static grass.

I am really quite pleased with the results, the hardest part was waiting enough time for the glue to dry.
I have enough pieces left for two more small enclosures, which will provide me with 3 good quality fences for £10.00


  1. Great work! I never knew Rendra sold wattle fence!!

  2. Very effective and more realistic than the 6 inch strips.

  3. That looks splendid, great work.

  4. They look great although I prefer the more labour intesive fencing I made a while ago using some twig matt leftovers. for those interested:

    I especially like the ploughed field texture, looks really convincing.


  5. They look great. Excellent work.

  6. This looks really good. I used a similar treatment in 15mm.

    I just hope it comes out that the Romano Britains used different fences. :)