Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ASL in miniature - A tank fest.......

Sunday night saw a further outing for Dane's Squad Leader in Miniature Project, I had fond memories gathered round the kitchen table with bags of counters, it some how feels more daunting in 15mm....

I was given the following brief.
You are Captain Haymann with what is left of  the 10th SS Frundsberg Div.
You are positioned at a farm resting just outside of Vienna when HQ inform you that a Russian attack has left the front line in a fluid state.  And you must hold your position at all costs.

Your objectives are
Hold the Farm house + 2 other buildings
Destroy twice the number of Russian Tanks than you loose
Don't loose more than 6 infantry squads


The Farm can be seen on the right of the picture, I was able to deploy along the road but was unsure of the entry of the Russians, the only thing I could guarantee was that there would be plenty of them.
I had the following at my disposal.

4 Officers
12 Squads(6 with lmg's)
2 mg 34's
1 mg 42
2 panzerschreck team's
8 Panzerphausts spread as you like
2 Panthers 1 with an officer
2 Pz IV H
1 Stugg III G
6 Hanomag's

The Russian's burst on to the table across my front driving for the high ground and the Church, my hull down PZIV H and Stug opened up but scored no hits. The German MG's opened up on the Infantry suppressing a number of advancing infantry, I was now about to faced the massed ranks of Russian T34's and KV1's.

My hull down position was to save me on several occasions with the Russian players constantly hitting my armour but the shell landing in the banks of the hedge row. Unfortunately I was unable to score any significant damage on the Russians eventually my luck ran out.

Better luck on the right, I had gambled by putting my panthers in one central location and they were able to destroy a whole platoon of Russian Armour, their superior armaments and quality slowing the Russian advance.


Being German I thought I would be really cocky and throw my Hanomag's forward hoping to mop up the Russian Infantry, unfortunately Russians in the corn field were hard to hit and the nasty Russian Armour turned the halftracks into scrap in under 2 turns.

The sneaky Russian's having cleared the corner of the main road sent a KV1 roaring down the straight out flanking my armour in the hedge row, the valiant Battle Tank dodged 3 Panzerfrausts before being taken out by the forth shot phew....


The game drew to a close with the Russia's down to 3 tanks, they had cleared the road of armour and in the final turn took out one of the Panthers but with the German's still holding the farm and the Russians hesitant in crossing open ground being sweep by MG fire.

A cracking nights gaming...... Helped by me winning although it might be those new dice....


  1. Cracking looking game. Good 'ole Squad Leader. Did you know the rules were originally designed to be for miniature gaming before being adopted Avalon Hill.

  2. It's amazing that squad leader is still around. Seminal game design.

  3. What a game there and it looks so game to