Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miniature Building Authority Market Stalls

What Arab town would be complete without a market, motivated by Phyllion's excellent blog.
Check it out here... Diary of a Gaming Magpie

I thought I would set about building my own, I originally planned on BlackCat's stalls, but came across these cheap on ebay from the Miniature Building authority.

 Market Stalls 

They are a little bit on the rough and ready side and the ready painted look needs a little touching up, espically the roofs and stall content but once based and the canvas roof's repainted I think they come up a treat.
Besides £7.00 for three stalls feels like a bargain you would get down the bazaar...


  1. These are brilliant / gonna have to hunt me some out to add to my market scene.

    Cheers for the shout-out too - glad I'm inspiring some.

    1. My pleasure...I still need a few more.

  2. Nice addition to your gaming table. That is a nice price to get some terrain.