Saturday, October 19, 2013

All Quiet on the Martian Front - The Boys of Company C.

With December fast approaching and having paid for my pledges through Kickstarter, I thought I would dust off my War of Worlds collection in preparation of the launch of "All Quiet on the Martian Front" from Alien Dungeon which tells of the 2nd Martian Invasion in the US.

The kickstarter campaign raised over $300,000 which should see plenty of freebies, my intention is to use the new models to blend with my existing collection and augment the more Victorian looking items into the home service forces.... using the new rules to boot.
Although other members of the Wyvern Wargamers already has significant plans for a trench system.......

Two months and counting before the goodies arrive.... was that a green flash in the sky???

The guy's over at Alien Dungeon very kindly offered within the Kickstarter campaign a taster of the rules and created a scenario using elements of the starter set.

A sinopsis of the mission is here reframed for the 1st invasion of England.
The Boys of Company C

The “mission” seemed pretty anti-climatic after all the training and the very long march to the staging post. Company C were order to occupying a deserted farm several miles back from the action. The commander a veteran of at least one encounter with the Martians ordered them to dig in the woods rather than the farm house having seen how timber burns under the heat ray before, he had the scars to prove it.

All was quiet when from over the horizon one came a Martian fighting machine striding over hedges and fields heading straight for the farm.
The Veteran Captain ordered his men to stand too.

The farm and surrounding woods, with not a single human to be seen.

The Martian Fighting Machine comes into view, there are several possible locations for the Home Services forces, but which is genuine?

The Martian Commander unleashes his heat ray, burning the closest potential hiding place of the human forces turning the wood to ashes in a matter of seconds.

The Home Service forces unmask from their defensive positions and open up with both rifle and cannon.

A battery of guns steps releases a salvo from their position in the woods.

The Martians hit back sweeping their heat ray across the frontage of the entrenched infantry.

After several minutes of tense exchanges the Martian walker defenses are reduced to such a level that it suffers a critical hit and is felled, it's commander splashed to the four winds......
A small victory for mankind.
The draft rules were easy to pick up and challenging for both humans and Martians, the two stage movement makes it a real game of cat and mouse, the dummy markers give the humans a chance to inflict an early hit on the Martians weakening them to allow others to strike home, unless of course the aliens stand off and burn them to a crisp...

A great taster and plenty to prepare for over the coming weeks.....


  1. It seems somewhat reminiscent of OGRE, with one size having a small number of powerful armoured vehicles and the other having less well-armed but more numerous troops...

    1. You could be right Stuart, I can certainly see a tactic being to send the drones in first to spot the defenders before standing off and hitting them with ranged heat rays... I guess proof reading will tell in the coming weeks.