Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunday night is zombie night

I always look forward to a zombie outing over at the Wyvern's Wargamers and this week was no exception, a simple game of lout the buildings and stay alive....
To opposing factions both on the look out for the last twinkie in town.....

The layout - Plenty of buildings to clear and each one bound to have extra "friends" in them

Things start badly for my family, sending my youngest daughter to clatter a zed was probably not best plan as she limps back holding here arm having been bitten in the first turn of the game.

Meanwhile at the other end of the table, the bikers hot wire a bin wagon and like a modern day pied piper drive round the rubbish strewn roads, making a right racket and flushing out plenty of zombies.

The bikers find themselves trapped in an alley, but a couple of pump actions and an AK make short work of the rotting opponents. Let's hope they have plenty of ammo.

Meanwhile I continue my shopping trip, let's hope the super marker still takes luncheon vounchers.

A great evenings fun, with some real tense moments as weapons break and guns run out of ammo and as for the kids, I am not sending them scavenging again, your tell them look for food and they come back with toys!!!!

Wargaming echoing reality?