Sunday, January 26, 2014

Minicon 2014

Just back from Minicon 2014 in the heart of the shire's, a very small show but the closest to home for us Wyverners so always good to support fellow gamers and catch up with old friends even if the wargaming gods tried to keep us away with fallen trees and lashing rain.

We put on a Too Fat Lardies, Chain of Command game, with the French attempting to delay the German Onslaught, plenty of interest in the rules and a couple of potential new recruits to the TFL cause and our own club.

Our layout next to the chaps at Ainsty

During the break how could one resist the occasional purchase, I took a wander to our near neighbours and took the opportunity to add to the Starship Troopers project picking up the pumping stations set from the Ainsty guy's, along with various other odds and ends to modernise some of my existing terrain. More on that in future posts.
Ainsty have a great range of resin items for practically any period, all can be found here.

Across from us were the chaps from Wargames Terrain Workshop, with a great range of Sci-fi terrain, I picked up the above alien nest, which I am sure will be worked into a scenario in the coming weeks.
You can find their stuff on the link below. well worth a visit.

Plenty here to keep me going for a few weeks.


  1. Good to see you guys there and (half) play some CoC. Hopefully we'll have some recruits!

    Did the Germans pull it out of the bag after that fateful assault?

    1. A hard earn't draw on both games, but certainly a few people interested in playing us a visit, which is a good result.

  2. Sounds like a great day out and some goodies to boot - perfect!

    1. Hard to avoid when it's only 20 mins down the road.