Saturday, March 08, 2014

The problem with campaigns is.......

The problem with many campaigns is you end up waiting whilst one player becomes available to play a minor engagement, meanwhile the initial enthusiasm of others soon wains whilst waiting for a game that involves them. I must have started several over the years with very few reaching a conclusion unless all involved are fully committed.

So with that in mind I thought I would try something a little different for the latest Wyvern Wargamers - Starship Troopers Campaign allowing players to come and go as they see fit, but with the outcome of each scenario influencing the next type of mission, victory will reward players with an offensive mission, defeat and MI start to have to defend.

On the first game each player starts with a base of 200 points, but may add to that total from the troops I have painted to date, in the full knowledge that the more assets they purchase, the greater the number of bugs they will face, I created a web page so each player can see just what is available, which is found on this blog, which will also detail the scores and missions under taken so far.

After each mission each player is rewarded with additional points for kills inflicted, but penalised for any losses, the player starting with the most points is the CinC on the day and takes the lead in terms of mission strategy.

The player with the most points at the end of the campaign is crowned - Sky Marshall

If all goes to plan, players can join in or drop out in the full knowledge that they will always have the points they have amassed so far. In theory the games may involve on one or two players with a small number of points or several players where it becomes a serious encounter. 

Each player represents a squad from the 24th Mobile Infantry "The Wyverns". You have been recruited following Sky Marshals Dienes request for volunteers to combat the Arachnid treat.
Sunday night saw 5 squads take to the field with victory going to the "Lucky devils" who take an early lead with just under 600 points to show for their efforts.... Full AAR to follow.


  1. Craig and I just do narrative campaigns now, as it is easy to maintain the momentum. They reach a natural finish without any time pressure, which is great for us. Campaigns at our old club died out very quickly, often within the first month!!!

    1. That's the trouble Steve, if you have a couple of people with equal passion for the period you are fine, it's when you go beyond that number that things start to fall away.
      I hope to prove this format works.