Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back in the saddle... Welcoming back an old friend...

3 weeks without a posting, unfortunately real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way....
I have done loads of painting and making lately unfortunately it involved painting the kids bedrooms and making flat pack furniture... :-(

Looking over my handy work, I thought I deserved a reward and what should I find on amazon but finally the release of Hordes of The Things 2.1.

Horde of the Things 2.1

Hordes Of The Things Version 2.1 is one of those fast-play heroic fantasy wargame rule sets based on classical fantasy fiction, any figure sizes can be used from 6mm to 28mm.
They allow gamers to reproduce any fantasy army inspired by films, books or TV series, for me it was Narnia series, but more on that later.

The rules have lasted the test of time and I have spent many an evening fighting over a 4ft battlefield on a long running fantasy campaign, it's great to see them back and updated.

They are swift to play a game should be comfortably finished in 60 minutes.
Typically armies consist of only 12 elements with between 1-8 figures per base depending on the troops you select. The rules are simply in design, but many a time I have been undone due to lack of tactics and deployment.

So what’s new in version 2.1?

• Improved movements for Warbands and Shooters.
• It offers an option to try base width movements used in DBA 3.0
• A4 size and larger text with wider spacing, which makes it easier to read.
• The diagrams are now immediately after the main battle rules.
• Reordering of Pages 1-4
• New army lists including:
-Zombies (and opponents)
-Welsh mythology
-Australian aboriginal mythology
-Hawaiian mythology
-extended Discworld coverage
-C17 “British Civil Wars” )
-Louis XIV versus Marlborough
-Boxer rebellion

Nowwhere is that storage case......


  1. Minor point - the Boxer lists were in HOTT 2.0 as well :)

    1. Noted I will make the change.

  2. Replies
    1. An acquired taste Phil, but pretty good for a quick evenings game on the kitchen Table.

  3. Must admit I loved the range and scope of the army lists; very appealling - but found the rules and gameplay dull.. I am not that up on Barker-ese either...

    1. The new layout does help, but I have had to pop a few questions on the Yahoo group just to iron out one or two queries.