Thursday, May 08, 2014

Wargames Campaign - Modern Africa - The Beast is Back.....

This evening saw the return of "The Beast"

The Beast has been in excile for about 6 years, which by concidence is how long my African Militia have been in storage or last saw a table top outing, but with the success of Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter Campaign and the recent makeover the figures have had, I thought it was high time he broke out from his training camp on the Noore Border and crossed back into Zikanga territory.

There was just the same matter of the Gendarmes Nationale border post.

The border post of route 56 manned by members of the Gendarmes Nationale loyal to president for life Festus Okoye, a 10 man section armed with AK's one heavy squad weapon and a RPG 7 for good measure.

Srg. Bilts mans the main entrance watching for any would be border incursion.


He does not have to wait long before members of Kwaz Nwazutha aka "The Beast" come into sight advancing down the main track.

AK fire peppers the main sandbag enplacment and a well placed RPG round drives members of the GN into cover as they are out gunned by the advancing militia members. Biltstakes out two of the advancing militia men, forcing others to dive into the under growth, slowing the advance.

The Beast sends more of his men forwards skirting the main route and looking to break into the border post from the left flank.


The militia men break cover and pour supressing fire into the defenders who seek cover amongst the sandbag check point.

Lightly armed and poorly trained a number of the militia men are wounded or forced back into cover, only to be replaced by others...

Pinned on all fronts the Gendarmes Nationale are unable to raise themselves from cover without attracting several rounds of fire. A number of the GN head into the under growth fleeing their posts.

The Beast urges his men on as the sweep over the border post.

Srg Bilts and his remaining trooper shelter behind the skip as the militia close in on their position and are finally forced from the table to pass on the news of the Beast's return.....

Played using THW 5150 rules, which gave us a quick fun game in just over two hours. The insight rules and Duck Backs allowed the out numbered GN to hold off the under tooled militia for several rounds until they breached the defences in a weak spot... it was only then the whole front collapsed..

Roll on the next scenario....


  1. How did the rules work out? More of an even fight than against bugs with even firepower?

    Nice looking table Stu

    1. The duck backs do tend to distrupt the best laid plans, anyone within 4" of the figure being shot at takes a test so you tend to get a scatter effect making it hard to keep control of units.
      We both agreed it was the right feel, I can tee another game up if you fancy it?

  2. Nice figures and terrain!

  3. That is a very fun battle you hav love the Mini's and Terrain! Thanks for posting:)

    1. Thanks for comenting Grayson.