Saturday, May 24, 2014

Starship Troopers Campaign Round 3 - Rescue

Last Sunday saw the third outing in the Wyvern Wargamers Starship Troopers Campaign and the largest collection of players yet including 4 new players straight out of academy.

Baldwins B*stards, Deacons Destroyers, Wyvern Warriors, Combat Surfer, Dark Revenge, Red Front and The Verminators all set out looking to deliver death to the bug hordes.... confidence was high with so many players and troops what could possibly go wrong.

The scenario
Though you have fought hard and done well thus far in the invasion, other troopers have not been so lucky, The Arachnid presence is weaker in this area (no doubt due to your efforts) and you have been asked by your seniors to locate the crew of a Viking Landing Craft who which contained a high value indiviual that has crashed in the Bug deployment zone.

Your units must cross the table contact the crashed crew and escort them to the entry point on the table.

Points are awarded for all kills and players are penalised for losses.

The table layout, 6" foot of hostile desert and rock formations, two bugs holes had been identified by fleet but no bugs had been sighted yet.

Wow with so many players over 3000 points were available to the Federation and they took them all. Walkers, Power Armoured Troopers and buggies, even the press were on the scene.

Players jockeyed for position all looking to be the first to shoot and kill themsleves a bug, however the bugs had other plans, they had learnt from other encounters and nothing was showing above ground and as the MI advanced into the arachnid zone no bugs were to be seen, it was damned quiet.

The Baldwin's B*stards reached the first ridge supported by the Verminators Chickhawk and are ambushed by Cliff Mites who emerge from the rock formations catching the troopers cold, however the Cliff Mites lacked the power and armour of their larger warrior breathern and are soon pushed back with limited casaulties on the MI side.
The MI looked at one another the bugs (ok me....) were being bloody sneaky.....

The Bugs win the initiative and multiple units move to engage the human invaders. They spew forth from the known bug holes, blips are picked up on the scanners showing underground movement moving swiftly towards the MI lines and fliers swoop in from the left flank.....

The advancing buggies beat a hasty retreat towards their own lines as the first bug units races after them across the table.

The anchorman for the Federation Press gets his own exclusive interview with the bugs as the Fliers swoop in attacking the unit closest to the table edge its a swift and bloody affair with bugs scattering the advancing MI and inflicting several casaulties on the Wyvern Warriors.

With several men down the MI are faced with having to rescue their fallen comrades and defend against the advancing bugs. All units are engaged driving back the advancing bugs.

The high ground is secured and cleared of Cliff Mites allowing the Federation forces to pour fire on to the advancing bugs, however the bugs countered this by launching another assault from a hidden bug hole catching the Verminators and Deacons Destroyers in hand to hand, Baldwin's B8stards look on unable to fire until fired upon.

Things look desperate for the Verminators and Deacons Destroyers who are caught with Bugs to the front and rear both squads lose several men before beating off the bug onslaught.

On the left flank swift progress is being made, several rounds on low activiation for the bugs allowed the MI to seal a bug hole and push forward sweeping all before them, Dark Revenge and the Red Front rake up several wins killing the bugs at distance.

One hole down Dark revenge venture too close to the remaining bug hole and are attacked by a fresh unit of bugs, Dark Revenge suffer numerous casaulties before the bug threat is surpressed.

As the clock ticks down, more bugs appear on the table including a Tanker bug, it shuggs off a number of rockets from Baldwin's B*stards and the Combat Surfers the route of advance is most definately blocked, there will be no rescue today......

The MI fall back to their start lines.... Game Over.

The scores after Round 3 are as follows....

Baldwin's B*stards continue to lead the way on the route to Sky Marshall, another blooding for the Wyvern Warriors, the new recruits gave a good account of themselves, things are hotting up, lets see what happens in Round 4.


  1. Good looking game. I really dig how the aquarium wood terrain looks on the table.

    1. Thanks Dave, thinking that a deeper yellow cloth will blend the two together better a little better.

  2. Looking very impressive Stu. Look forward to the next report.

    1. Always room for one more mate:-)
      Finally found a campaign structure which is not dependant upon everyone waiting on one minor skirmish to be completed.