Friday, August 01, 2014

A Rumble in the jungle - A Nuts encounter.

The return of mid-week gaming...

A casual conversaion about comics of our youth lead to  the urge to unpack the Marine Corps on another adventure in the Pacific.
For those too young to remember, the Warlord Comic, Union Jack Jackson was a British Royal Marine serving with the US Marine Corps in the Pacific campaign. To distinguish himself from his American comrades Sgt. Lonnegan and G.I O'Bannion he painted a Union Jack on his helmet, hence the name.

Here we join U.J.J. and the gang as they seek out a Japanese OP, deep in enemy territory.
Played using the fantastic Two Hour Wargames Rules, which give a real comic book feel in a as the rules describe 2 hours.....

The mission is simple clear the jungle paths of enemy pickets, break into the enemy compound and destroy the radio equipment, which will clear the way for the main beach landing, real boys own stuff.

The Japanese have holed up in the compound with a full section of Infantry, this will be a tough nut to crack.

Sgt. Lonnegan leads his squad on to the table assisted by U.J.J. and G.I O'Bannion, all is quiet as they approach the first clearing. No sign of the enemy.
Much like spot the ball there 4 Japs hidden in the photo above....


Hidden amongst the under growth Japanese pickets lie in wait, seeing the marines enter the clearing they snap fire revealing their ambush far to soon.

The marines return fire forcing the Japanese defenders to duck back and forcing one to run for his life.

The short exchange of fire leaves several enemy soldiers dead or injured and many with their heads down as U.J.J. and the marine squad blaze away with the 2 Bar's, O'reily is hit but his comrades drag him to safety, to check on his wounds.

The Japanese commander in the compound leads his reserves into the jungle to stem the advance of the USMC, both sides waiting for the other to make their move.

Corporal Connor takes his fire team to right and catches the Japanese napping forcing several to dive for cover in the undergrowth.

But Capt Nija a veteran of several campaigns knows the best form of defence is attack and leads a heroic charge against the marines catching them cold, before they could fire again.

After a short but bloody melee the American fire team is either dead, injured or has fled into the jungle. Capt Nija is very satisfied with his work.

Sgt. Lonnegan, U.J.J. and G.I O'Bannion, angered by the loss of their comrades seize their moment and rush forward, killing a number of the Japanese defenders.

Capt Nija keen to add to his tally of the day, leads another charge into the rear of the advancing marines, but Union Jack Jackson and is section are not to be triffled with.

The Japanese attack is a failure, Nija lies dying at U.J.J.s feet his men wiped out. The marines had avenged their comrades.

Now for the radio, a rash attempt at forcing the gate is met by a blase of gun fire coming from the house, but U.J.J. stands tall as his men duck back.


U.J.J. fires a clip from his carbine, felling the Japanese Sargeant defending the window, great shooting under fire from the Brit, his comrades cheer from the safety of the stone walls.

With their officers and NCO's out of the fight, the remaining defenders surrender and stumble from the house, for them the war is over.

A cracking scenario, played out in less then two hours, with around 15 figures a side.

Right off to the loft I am sure I boxed those comics away somewhere....


  1. Superb and good luck with the comic hunt!

    1. Thanks Michael, it should be a great source of scenarios.

  2. UJJ one my boyhood heroes. Nice work Stu.

  3. The mention of UJJ brought back many happy memories. Certainly a very cinematic game, perfect for thos old '70's magazines.

  4. Replies
    1. Coming to a club night near you Phil.

  5. Nice looking game with a lot of foliage.

    1. More to come Steve - really cheap on e-bay at the moment.