Friday, August 22, 2014

Starship Troopers alternative races

The problem with the demise of the Starship Troopers Miniatures Game and RPG Variant was that the universe never expanded, plans were made for a couple of additional races beyond that of the skinnies, but none made it to production, you can find a scattering of articles on the web if you look hard enough.

As part of the drive to rid myself of lead mountain, Denizen's K'hiff made it to the paint table, I purchased these to make the postage up on an order several months back, well thats what I tell myself :-)

Denizen are one of the few companies still manufacturing true 25mm sci-fi figures, the K'hiff were badged up as religious fanatics engaged in a holy war or Jihad to conquer or convert the galaxy, they  looked like robed greyhounds/wolves/crocodiles  and who were armed with advanced weaponry.

My plan was to make them out to be an indigenous race living in the mountain regions of several planets within the Arachnid quarantine zone, avoiding the bugs who are unable to burrow in the rock formations, however with the arrival of the federation they now face an enemy on two fronts and are forced into the light to protect their species.

I went for a style akin to the Tusken raiders in Star Wars

I decided to rebrand the K'hiff in SST games as Limmikin which I took from the Native American name for men who shifted into wolves, very apt given the K'hiff wolf like appearance.

Not sure how much game time they will have, but I see them as useful in raiding parties on the early colonies or scouts for the Mobile Infantry. Worst case they are simply more food for the bugs....


  1. These look spot on. they really have that nomadic feel to them.

    1. I guess every one has a hankering to play Star Wars.

  2. Very nice figures. It would make sense that in the face of a Bug onslaught, indigenous races would ally with human MI to drive the bugs off their worlds. Or, you could use them for an alternate history/SF version of Afghanistan. :)

    1. It does Michael althrough the Islamic play and Afghanistan is a little to close to home.