Saturday, February 14, 2015

Northstar SCW - Moors

Another week another SCW offering, currently within the Nationalist ranks we have Empress Miniatures, Riff-Raff Miniatures who have produced the old Force of Arms range and now Northstar with a small range of Moors.

They lack a little detail in the battle kit and the weoponary when compared to the other ranges and are some what limited based around 4 single "dollies" but they compare well in height and stature providing further variation for the Morrocan Platoon.

Franco's Moors

In my haste to get them preped for painting they ended up on 2p's rather than 1 pence pieces which will set me back a couple of days, but as they are all in Morrocan Chilaba, they should not take to long to reach the table.


  1. Nice job, Stuart! I am currently working on my SCW project, thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Very nice reinforcements for your troops.

  3. Lets see how they shape up in the coming weeks