Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hold the line...... Zikanga Campaign AAR #6

Some what behind on posts lately.... This was played a few weeks ago.
Another night in Zikanga.
In the North of Zikanga, Warlord Charity Nsithlan is pushing hard to capture some of the outer villages before a push to the Capital Wagadoodoodoo.
Nsithlan supporters are made up of bandits, murders and deserters bereft of any political aims or objectives, opposing them are members of Zikanga's Gendarmes Nationale. The personal bodyguard of President Okoye. 

After initial successes in taking the out lying bush Nsithlan's forces look to break through the GN check points before laying siege of the important fortified town of Iseyin on route to the capital.
The road to Wagadoodoodoo the check point is at the far end of the table.

The GN take up their positions awaiting the approach of the Warlord Charity Nsithla's forces.
As the rabble approach they are raked by automatice fire.

In return the checkpoint is peppered by RPG fire.

The warlord's forces push through the plantation grounds as the GN are pinned under round after round of unaimed RPG fire.

Pressure mounts on the GN as technicals roll onto the table pouring fire into the valiant defenders.

With so many pinned troops the troops of President Okoye have little choice but to head for the town leaving the outer defence to Charity Nsithlan.

Hearing the news from the front President Okoye lifts up the phone - "Get me Muller"...


  1. That was a game full of surprises !
    Cheers Gav .

  2. Interesting Scenario Stuart. Like the terrain too. I almost got into 28mm Bush Wars- Rhodesia during last interesting period for small skirmish games ( with heliocopters as well)...I think the figures were by Eureka 28mm- worth checking out....Regards. KEV.

    1. I picked up some of their African Rifles at Salute last year. Very nice, I did play test Too Fat Lardies Bush Wars for Rhodesia a nice set but the terrain was somewhat limiting...
      North-West Africa has more of an appeal. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. A little one sided once the GN went to ground....

  4. "unaimed RPG fire" sounds both ineffective and terrifying.

    1. There are not much of a threat if you can keep their heads down.....