Sunday, November 22, 2015

England Invaded 1880 - Turn 2 Human Moves.

After a few weeks on other games - England Invaded is back, with Humanity on the offensive.

After weathering the storm of the initial Martian advances Mankind have not sat idly by waiting for the Mars mens next moves. Far away from the troubles in the South of England, in the isolated Boarders region tradesman and craftsmen have been busily constructing Barracks, Training centres and Munition Factories providing the land army with access to fresh regular troops and Artillery assuming the supply lines can be kept open.

The Crown focus appears to be, to purge the North of England of the Martian prescence, with concerted attacks on the remaining Martians in Scotland and Yorkshire.

Whilst further south probing attacks across the Midlands see's the Martain scouts fall back towards their original pit sites, Low level skirmishes continue in Wales with both man and martian dancing a merry dance looking to find a gap in the others defences.

Elsewhere the London Garrison conducts a raid on the original pitsite at Horshall Common placing HE explosives under the cylinder and blowing it sky high - The Martians have long moved on to concentrate their forces around the Bracknell forest area, but the attack serves to bolster the spirts of the besieged garrison.

The latest moves leave to significant battles to be fought, an even fight in the North as the Martians look to hold Dundee and Tayside and an offensive in Yorkshire with the forces of the Crown out numbering the Martians by 2:1.

Both battles to be played in December.


  1. Good stuff ,Your campaign has started us thinking so we'll keep watching how it develops

    1. The trick is keeping the games ticking over before we all get distracted with other things.
      Thanks for commenting Matt.

  2. 4 cylinders down only 6 more to go

  3. Stuart- A Cracking good report with favourable news from the British....looking forward to the next series of Battles against the dreaded Martians. KEV.

  4. I remain hoprful though I have a ticket on a fast steamer to visit my coffee plantation in Kenya, just in case it goes badly.