Saturday, November 07, 2015

Wyvern Wargamers go Rampant.

Sunday night was club night and after fighting our way through the fog settled down for an outing of Lion Rampant..... I have been wanting to give these a try for several weeks, having heard some good things out in the blogosphere......

With units between 6 and 12 men, 4-6 units would give you a good evenings entertainment and so it proved.....

Activations can be a little frustrating every unit activation requires the rolling of two standard six sided dice were units must pass a minimum number – depending on the troop type fail this score and the initiative switches to your opponent.

In the first three turns I passed every test, whilst my opponent passed very few.

The rules were easy to pick up. There are no complicated point deductions troops either fire at full or half effect depending on the casualties received.

My valiant troops advance on mass, missiles to the left, men-at-arms to the right.

Archery is rather nasty and if you don't rally units quickly, troops start to filter away, which is a nice feature but damned annoying.....

Leaders can be called out in man to man combat..... It's bad form to decline even if you are winning the battle.

Figures fantastically painted by Paul, more of his work can be seen in the forthcoming Dragon Rampant or on his blog here.

In this brief encounter my archers drove off their counterparts and with their leader slain in hand to hand combat, the field was mine -  Beginners luck.....


  1. Glad you enjoyed the rules Stu. They give fun, action packed games IMHO, which is perfect for an evenings gaming with chums:)

    1. They were certainly easy to pick Steve. Looking forward to Dragon Rampant.