Saturday, October 29, 2016

Warlords of Atlantis Part 2 - An unmade Prequel.

Guy's thanks for your kind words nice to be back home and as I am under strict instructions from the household nurses who won't let me lift a finger.... At least until the novelty wears off in a day or so.
Time to make the most use of the extra hobby time.

These Antediluvian Miniatures were a joy to paint, perfect for this small projects based on the unmade prequel to the 1978 movie Warlords of Atlantis which see's 18th Century Pirates/Naval types pitted against the Atlantians....
Using Black Scorpian's Cutlass! Rules....
(I seriously need to drop the meds.....)

Aquarium terrain is perfect background for adventures amongst the seven cities of Atlantis.

As luck would have it I may even have some suitable opponents to try out the rules with...
I knew I would find a use for these eventually.


Happy gaming.