Monday, April 17, 2017

Cutlass! - 4 Way Prisoner Hunt.

Easter Sunday and a simple low key affair. Four warring factions looking to bag themselves a bunch of prisoners who hold valuable information. But with Four factions and only three Prisoners some one is bound to lose.
The three Prisoners are chained up in the cente compound, the four gangs are tasked with entering the complex unchaining the prisoners and exiting the table. This Cutlass! encounter pits Arab against, Pirate, Marine and Atlantian.......

The view from the Marine Forces end of the table.

The view from the Atlantian side of the Table, no doors but plenty of windows.

Our poor unfortunate prisoners awaiting rescue. They can not be killed and will need to be escorted from the table.

The Pirates are the first to the complex rushing forward, after an initial swift advance a couple of poor command rolls leaves them with limited actions and a large door that simply would not budge.

Meanwhile the Atlantians move cautiously forward and content themselves by taking pot shots at the Pirates battering at the door.

The Royal Marines make steady progress through the undergrowth, quietly advancing whilst the others are distracted by each others moves.

The Arabs advance towards the main gate, swordsmen first followed by the musketmen.

The Arabs are first through the gate rushing towards the shackled prisoners.

Midway through the game and all sides have reached the complex walls, the Arabs are in the courtyard, whilst the Marines and Pirates struggle to clamber through doors and windows.

The Arabs grab themselves a prisoner and drag him to the main entrance, the first Pirate to enter the building is dispatched by one of the Arab Swordmen.
As the Arabs flood the main gate both Atlantians and Marines fire into their flanks looking to grab a prisoner as they leave the compound.

Meanwhile in the courtyard things are hotting up the Marines have grabbed a prisoner and are heading back to their entry point, meanwhile Pirate and Arab fight for the remaining detainee.
The Atlantians are set upon by the Arab defenders hacking him down.

With Blunderbus and Musket fire echoing through the adobe compound the Atlantian Officer to shot down as the Arabs grab the third prisoner and push him through the open door.

A cracking evenings gaming it could have gone to any one player, but in the end the Arabs won the day grabbing two prisoners to the Marines one. The Pirates and Atlantians were left with nothing.... 
apart from a number of casualties...
Cutlass! and it's unique reaction rule mechanism keeps the game flowing and gives every player the chance to take the initiative which is important for a 4 player game of this nature.
Definately a must for those less serious club nights....


  1. What a lovely looking game! Always nice to have some fun rules to roll out as required.

  2. Cracking looking table Stu very nice .
    Regards Gav .

  3. Stuart,
    Interesting game with great scenery- do like the main Building- not familiar with Cutlass Rules, though they appear to give a good Skirmish. Cheers. KEV.

  4. really enjoyed the game i'm just thankfull pirates get push and pull mixed up on doors