Sunday, April 02, 2017

Battlefield Clutter - Yet more burnt out cars and Alien Heavy Metal

With year end out of the way at work.
Perhaps finally some time to get some gaming and painting in, I have definately lost my eye in recent months due to the lack of paint table time and so rather than dive straight back in to some of the more detail laden mini's perhaps something that only requires a few broad strokes.

Back in July of last year I started coverting some of the Chinese 15mm toy car e-bay imports into battlefield wreaks these turned out rather well, the rest have been sitting in the box for almost a year.

Having spent Saturday morning bringing some order back to the man cave. I dug out some spare warbases and using up some old Matt Black spray cans set about finishing these off before a full year passes.

With 8 terrain bases this should be more than enough for any modern battlefield providing cover for troops or simply making certain streets impassable should the scenario dictate. I added several of the vehicles with a touch of colour rather than having them all burnt out.

Others include a few large impact craters just to fill in some gaps within the base - The Alien invaders can be seen above to give a sense of scale.

Also new for the Battlefield Earth Project is some Heavy Metal for the Aliens. I picked this up from Rebel Mini's in the US last year it sat in the box as other projects came along.
I wanted something that felt unlike anything available today, but without going to far down the sci-fi route e.g. fantastical vehicles bristling with guns and skulls.....

The Hover Tank mounted on a persex cude gives the Alien's something to combat the Modern Armour available to the Earth forces and painted in a shiny white livery - because - Well why not.....

Next up back to the Desert and more French for Egypt....


  1. I'll be pinching that idea! Great bit of scatter terrain / hard cover.

    1. No worries it all adds to break up terrain.

  2. Battlefield Earth, eh? Will there be a miniature John Travolta present? :)

    1. Not been able to find him just yet, but the search continues :-0

  3. Nicely done, I would need stuff for 28mm, so maybe a trip to the dollar store for vehicles that are 'close' & just cut/crush/bend & then paint. Thanks for the idea!