Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Eight - 8th August 1791

After a week of campaigning the various factions spend their Sunday reorganising and regrouping, from an umpires perspective it's interesting to see the various recruitment strategies taking place, mass troops, retraining or saving for bigger and better in future weeks.

A number of players are realising that the typical losses are not bloody as first thought and losses can quickly return to the fray, it also means you need to keep the pressure on opponents especially given the chance to over run their camps and catch valuable supplies and perhaps kill or capture the wounded.

Welcome to Week 2 in Haiti.

The British under Thomas Maitland continue their relentless advance they have bolstered their number and pass through the occasional gathering of huts without stopping to garrison such insignificant locations in their single focus on joining the fight. 
On the evening of the 8th they arrive at Pestel.

The stand off continues further east with the Republicans and Mulattos continuing their standoff. Léger-Félicité Sonthonax continues to monitor Andre Rigauds forces at the summit and in a show of strength orders his troops practice their maneuvers in full view of the upstarts.
Meanwhile Rigaud's troops look down from their vantage point as a thunderstorm soaks them to the core, before clear sky's return.

Meanwhile in the North of the island things show no sign of calming down as the battles begin to break up into particular mini-wars between factions.

The French Royalist/Planters under Viscount de Blanchelande have spent wisely with reinforcements joining Blanchelande at Bahon and in the capital. Having pushed back Dutty Boukman at the fort, french troops are seen reinforcing their barricades and defences.
Dutty Boukman having seen his forces beaten back regroups at the village of Ranquitte as he tends to his own wounds he is bolstered by additional reinforcements from the local area having had a taste of freedom.

To the East the Spanish having tended to their wounded from the battle a few days before are on the march again they push forward into Princess Amethyste's territory finding her beleaguered command tending to their wounded on the banks of the local river. The Spanish cavalry look for a suitable crossing point, whilst the slaves on the opposite bank can be seen taking up defensive positions.

Finally to the West General Toussaint Louverture finally loses patients with his political rival Georges Biassou having been bolstered by reinforcements he advances on the rebelling slaves and in a sweeping move outflanks the defenders and attacks Biassou in the flank looking to convince them by the sword to join his ranks.

It's looking to be a busy week in Haiti.


  1. Cant wait to see some of the maneuvering lead to a clash on the table Stu!

  2. Awesome. Telling a good story

  3. Good update, looking forward to seeing the action play out!